Bread Winners

Raise your hand if you love brunch 🙋🏽 because I sure do! My favorite place I usually go to for brunch is “Iron Cactus”, but today I’ve decided to switch it up because I’ve heard so much about this place. It is called “Bread Winners” and they are known for their chicken and waffles! They are located in the Dallas area (I went to the one located off McKenney Ave / Uptown). As soon as I walked in I was blown away by the inner decor ! It was like a cafe on steroid, but still very home-like. There was also a little area where you could order treats. I loved it!

They provided complimentary appetizers, that included different slices of muffins! These were pretty yummy & what kind of brunch would it be without Mimosas ! This was actually a frozen one with peach, but it still tastes the same as a regular mimosa!


Muffins & Frozen Mamosa

Now let’s get to the food part! The selections were endless, which was a bonus! I decided to get the “strawberry & creme waffle” with a side of chicken. My brunch date (state her name in parentheses / or say my twin in parentheses) got the “bacon pancakes”. SN: The bacon was mixed in the batter in the bacon pancakes! (Great for bacon lovers) Everything was good. My only complaint is that the food was a little cold 👎🏾

Overall I did like the food but I do not have to go back unless I am invited! Do not get me wrong I do recommend the  restaurant, if you’re looking for a new brunch spot! Hopefully sooner than later I will visit Iron Catus to take pics and rate it for you guys! Blue Mesa is a good spot too !




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