Wig Wednesday

image.jpegLet me start by saying “Wig Wednesday” will not become a segment unless I become wig crazy, I just thought it was a cool name since it’s Wednesday and I got the wig today !

Ok! So as I’ve mention in previous post, My hair is NATURAL! Being natural has more cons than pros, one of them being , I have to do my hair literally every day unless idc that day which is not ok being a female. Weave can be a good protective style for most girls but not me, t actually breaks my hair off. So I thought to myself , I said self ,” what else can I do to my hair”. Self said ,”Wigs is the next step”! I Didnt want to get an expensive or lace one because it is my first one so the one I did get cost $26.99 plus tax. I purchased my wig from my local Super Beauty Supply store called “Jenny’s” located in Duncanville , Tx

I will post the wig & how I style it in the next post!

Stay tuned!


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