Wig Wednesday πŸ™„

Diana Ross

So this is Diana in color 2. This is the hair straight from the package. I put it on the wig head so I could get a full look of it.


I laid my hair flat, I just did a twist out and Bobby pinned it down to lay it flat. It’s important to lay hair flat so your wig is not bumpy. A Wig cap is a must so you don’t ruin your real hair and hold the foundation of your “flat hair” .



This is the wig on my head . As you can tell the bangs are long & the wig looks “wiggy”. So what I am going to do now is shape the wig and cut the bangs. I do this by taking my sissors that I purchased at the beauty supply store for $.99 cents.


IΒ cut the bangs as mention and kind of layered it. Note to self: do not cut straight across because it will give your hair a “choppy” look! So cut at a angle, I also combed some of the curls out so it would like more natural and less perfect .

4. Finished Product

This is the finish product and I love it! I’m a little nervous to wear it out but Diana is here now! I will be purchasing more because ive decided I’m going to use wigs as my “protective style”. So stay in the loop .Β image


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