Korean BBQ🎎

Looking for a PERFECT DATE NIGHT ?

or even just a night with the gang !

“A1 Super  Buffet”


Is the place Togo!  I came cross this place while looking for “Korean BBQ” because I’ve always been interested. See the thing is my boyfriend loves “asain buffets” so this was perfect.

We arrived at the perfect time ! It was happy hour! The drinks regular price was $4, for happy hour you could upgrade your drink to   top shift !They also had beer for $2 , which my boyfriend loves of course.

Now let’s talk about the food! It was a endless selection of raw meat ! That you take back to your table and grill/cook yourself! May I add each table has its own grill built into the table. Cooking it your self is the fun part ! It is also a buffet selection of other Korean foods.

It gets better ! The  restaurant  will soon be starting BYOB! Which is cool so if you  want to bring a gang of friends and drinks you can ! I love how chill it was and the experience was great I really enjoyed myself and my date. I will defiantly be going back !

Address:  2208 New York Ave
Arlington, TX 76010
United States



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