Rising Star✨

Give it up for one of Dallas very own …KEYLON


Keylon is an emerging 22-year old musical Artist from Dallas, TX. Keylon has always had a passion for music.  He attended school at Booker T. Washington where his talent only progressed. After graduating he  continued to  pursue his career in signing. His music style is very diverse from Gosple to R&B.Now he has recently released a mash up cover of Drake’s song “Hotline Bling”, Fetty Wap “Come my Way” and more exciting music. I watched the video and all I can do is be shocked by  the creativity of songs he combined and his voice was literally breathe taking. While speaking with Keylon I asked him what does he plan to achieve he replied,  “I want to change and influence the world in a different and positive way through my music and entertainment”. “Wow good answer”, I thought to myself!  I am  fortunate enough to personally know Keylon and he is very humble and loving, So whatever he says he means it.

Keylon’s message to audience, fan’s and inspiring artist…
“I want people to know that they can do anything and achieve what they put their mind to and that no dream is mediocre”

To Keylon,

I wish you the best of luck and I pray God blesses you and your journey . Remember to believe in your journey and most importantly remember to believe in yourself.! Never lose faith in God cause he has all his faith in you! Congratulations , your  future is promising !




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