Wig Wednesday


Say hi to Janet , also known as “The MOMMY” wig ! I got turnt on to this wig because I wanted short hair but didn’t want to cut my hair!


The wig is 100% HUMAN HAIR (remy)! Which was a bonus & may I add the wig cost $29.99, for human hair that’s pretty good. The wig color is a 1 which is the darkest it comes! They had red or blonde but they were too bright.  I purchased my wig at my local beauty supply but you can also purchase on the website (I will post a link).

   Let’s get started !!


This is how the wig looks straight out the package. I wasn’t feeling it and thought I made a bad choice purchasing it.


So next I flatted my hair by flat twisting it, next I placed my wig cap on , then placed the wig on. I was feeling it a little more but not in love.

Sn: when having a short wig like this you want to make sure your real hair is laid super flat! So it’s not bulky !


I played // styled the wig to my liking. Note to self: you can do pretty much whatever with this hair because it’s human hair.

Finished Product!

I absolutely love the finish look!! Like seriously ! This hair grew on me as soon as I styled it. I just curled it with my little flat iron & fluffed it out. It looks so natural  and less wiggy.


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