Elaine’s Kitchen

Looking for Authentic JAMAICAN FOOD🤔??

I got you boo!

Elaine’s Kitchen is known for their jerk chicken, cabbage, red beans & rice! I’ve tried it first hand & believe me it is A1 ! Elaine’s is a hole in the wall, in Dallas, Tx by fairpark. With it being a whole in the wall in my opinion that’s what makes it way better! The workers are also just Authentic as the food you won’t find an Asian cooking your Jamaican  food! You get what I’m saying ? I’ve been going to Eliane’s since I was a little girl & ive always gotten the same thing! On this day I decided to switch it up& try the Seafood Pasta!


YUMMY! Look at those shrimp! Make sure you are hungry & ready to eat! The meal was heavy which is not a bad thing! It was a seafood pasta with a side of cabbage the pasta came with about 10-12 healthy shrimp on top! They was not shy with the shrimp at all!

If you happen to be in the Fairpark area be sure to try ELIANE’S KITCHEN off Martin Luther King st.

It gets ✨✨✨✨✨


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