Waitress VS. People

Being a waitress 101:


What you need to know when going out to eat and how to treat your waiter or waitress. 😊

  • FIRST OFF! Waiters//Waitress are PEOPLE! We have feelings, we are someone’s child, mother, brother, sister, etc. You should treat us how you would want to be treated.
  • NEXT! We get our money from TIPS!! So when you go out to eat you need to include tip money before hand ! Yes I know you are not obligated to tip but if you have a good server, WHY NOT TIP?! 
  • Now let’s talk about ATTITUDE !! 😈 Yay! A server is dealing with YOUR ATTITUDE and most likely 10 other people attitudes ! We are trying to keep you, your family happy and the other 10000 people in the restaurant happy !


  • DO NOT TELL ME TO “KEEP THE CHANGE ” if the “CHANGE” is actual change 

I.e. Anything up $1

(I will personally give you your “change” back so you can try again 😊)

  • Do not I repeat DO NOT let your kids act a fool!!! It should be embarrassing ! Letting your child pour out the sugar ,salt and pepper is not cute nor is it funny! If your child drops something I understand but if your child repeatly keeps dropping something, why not take it away ? 
  • If I ask, “hello, how are you doing ?!” Do not freaking reply with “Tea with no ice, lemon on the side” that’s so rude!
  • Do not let your first question be “what kind of deals y’all got” or “how much are y’all drinks” drinks as in soda? Are you for real? It’s no more than $3 with free refills, is that ok?
  • Speaking on drinks ! Why would you “need a minute” to decide on what drink you want ? What do you drink everyday ? DONT TRY TO ACT NEW WHEN YOU GET TO MY TABLE😊

(Ask for a minute I’m going to give you 5! So you can decide if you want Sprite or strawberry  lemonade )




  • Your SERVER is NOT the COOK!!!!! Complaining to your server how nasty the food is can not change things. The most I can do is take it off your bill. 
  • The food is NOT always going to look like the picture 😒
  • It is nothing for your waiter to get your food corrected so whatever the issue may be say it nicely and it will get resolved. 
  • If you would like to return your food DO NOT eat half of it first! 
  • Did I mention the servers DO NOT MAKE THE FOOD? 
  • Oh! Idc how the food taste at “the other location” this is a different location with different cooks! 
  • 8/10 I have a hot ass plate in my hand! When I say “chicken strip basket ” don’t look around in confusion ! Grab this shit! 
  • How did you forget what you ordered ? How? 

Im almost sure I missed something ! So if I did please make sure to comment below! Also feel free to share your opinion ! 


2 thoughts on “Waitress VS. People

  1. Jayda Milan says:

    Oh let’s not forget the gratuity and prices. Wait staff are just the messengers, all we do is deliver. I myself wouldn’t pay $17 for 3 shrimp and fries, but you knew what you were in for the minute you opened the menu. If can’t afford, don’t come out and eat.


  2. Erin says:

    Snapping your fingers will not get the appropriate response from your server, I introduce myself with my name so please use it going forward.
    Reading is fundamental… please read your foods description, it says spicy 9/10 times on the items that are spicy.
    Our alcoholic drinks aren’t free samples, if you order it you cannot change your mind halfway through it and try another five drinks.
    Asking for light ice in alcohol doesn’t get you more alcohol…lol
    No I cannot bring your child crackers….so they can end up all on the floor making the mess of ten kids.
    Why do you drink so fast??? I just sat the cup down two seconds ago!


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