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This past weekend I went to Issa Tour concert, with headliner 21 Savage and opener Young M.A, Tee Grizzley and other guest. I primarily attended the concert because I like 21 Savage but really wanted to see Tee Grizzley perform !

My date & I came a little late to avoid the openers we did not know.  Because  Tee Grizzley  is an upcoming well-known artist I assume that he would perform right before 21 Savage. But boy did I think wrong ! Young M.A was the main opener for 21. Which was so crazy to me! I feel that Tee Grizzley should’ve opened for 21 but instead he was the second performer of the night which is wack asf! In a nut shell…WE MISSED TEE GRIZZLEY PERFORMANCE!!!!!!

But God had my back !  When I went to go get some Murch , Tee Grizzley ended up coming out & signed  autographs . Which is the good news!

Besides the artist order , let’s talk about 21 savage performance.   This was my second time seeing him perform  and I have come to conclusion that he is not much of a performer . Which is not entirely his fault,  I can tell he has a chill  demeanor .  He  never has 10 of his other homeboys on stage with him which is not a problem but personally I like to rage!!  The set was good but could’ve been way better .

now the fun part !







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