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Dear Rob Stone, You let me down!

You may be wondering, how did Rob Stone let Fiesta down?

Well he really didn’t, but he kind of did! Then again i’ve come to conclusion he let himself down. Ill tell the story and let yall be the judge!

This past Sunday I , FIESTA was scheduled to do an interview with ROB STONE. Which would’ve been my first “Celebrity” interview( so you know I was lit)!  A good hand full of weeks before the scheduled interview. I made sure I was so official so that I could come professional when conducting my interview. So obviously I got granted the interview and was fully prepared!


Leading up to the interview day literally a week before. I see Rob Stone going off on twitter and Instagram. I’m going to let the video tell the story cause I don’t even feel like telling it again! In a nut shell Ski Mask The Slump God kept going over his damn set which obviously pissed Rob off!

So if you didn’t know at concerts everybody has a set stage time and a certain amount of time they can be on stage! The order usually goes from; artist that are making waves in their city/ artist we “may” know, to UPCOMING ARTIST with a world wide hit, ending with the HEADLINER!

(Desiinger was the headliner at this concert)

SN: That’s why I thought the 21 Savage Line Up  was all the way jacked up!!

Anyway the next day after the fight I receive this email…….


Like wtf Rob! I was prepared for this and a little bit excited. I do not fault him cause that would’ve had me mad too!

As I mentioned “he let himself down” cause he is now

kicked off the whole tour!

and I’m just stuck without an interview 😦 , GOOD NEWS IS its no stopping Fiesta and it’s more where that came from! After the chaos I notice Rob Stone deleted all the videos and beef! But he did mention how he’ll see Ski Mask at Rolling Loud! I wont be making it to Rolling Loud cause I’m not that rich yet! But I guess will just have to see where that conversation continues via social media.

Did Rob let himself down or Fiesta? leave comments in comment section lol.



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