Fiesta with the Music

Lil Boat

Teenage Emotions !

I really just want to take time to talk &  analyze this cover art . Literally so many emotions in one pic, Teenage Emotions is the perfect title for Lil Yachty’s upcoming album! He referees to himself as “King of the Teens” , so the fact he incorporated so many different kinds of teens in the picture ,I’m in love ! It makes me  curious to see how many souls he is going to touch with this album!


So I see we have Migos ,Blah ,Blah, & Evander Griim! Evander Griim ! I don’t want to make this blog about him but let me insure you that XMEN is going to be your favorite song !! Griim is an upcoming artist (my personal favorite right now) & I just know he is  distant for greatness!! I was so lit when I found out he was on this album ! I’m not gone believe it until I hear it ! Either way lets get it E!


This date awaits us, and I’m so excited! I don’t know about yall but I was getting tired of the Features.



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  1. I LOVE that he chose this for his album cover! Too many people now days are not cherishing their uniqueness but rather experiencing feelings of self consciousness and doubt. I hope this album touches many. Great post!

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