Fiesta with the Music



The Album

I’m just going to talk about the headliner , being Kehlani ! In all honesty I’ve recently just started listening to Kehlani when her more recent album “Sweet Sexy Savage” came out. The album it’s self is so uplifting, it lets me know it’s ok to be a bitch long as you are THAT bitch ! It lets me know it’s ok to cry but you’re going to be ok. Most importantly the album gives me more passion and strength to continue with accomplishing my goals. If you need motivation or looking for someone to relate to, I definitely recommend this album!

The Concert

Literally a couple of shows before the Dallas show, Kehlani had a break down on stage and had to cancel. I’m not gonna lie I was kind of nervous to see if she would even show up in Dallas. Baby !! When I tell you, she SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT! Her energy was everything you could literally feel it !  Throughout the show  she would say  inspiring and uplifting messages to the crowd. Which I loved because sometimes people just need to hear nice things ! Her having actual conversation with the audience was so different to me. Speaking of different let’s talk about her all girl show; her dj to her dancers were all female. S/o to her Dj Noodles she is so amazing, she definitely knows how to control the crowd. In a nut shell the concert was everything & more. Kehlani set and song order was perfect she even ended with “Crazy” which was also perfect because that’s my favorite song!




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