Fiesta with the Music


Gucci mane concert located in Dalls tx



Its Gucci

I’ve dreamt of this day every since Trap God! Summer 2013 Trap House 3 changed my life in ways words can’t explain! Call me dramatic but we all connect to artists on spiritual levels, you’ll be lying if you said you don’t. Anyway I always knew Gucci Mane was real but to see him in the flesh really confirmed things for me.

Ok so BOOM!

IMG_2349I arrived at the concert literally between  8-9 pm . I usually don’t get to concerts this  early but I wasn’t to sure how this venues “will call ” worked , so I  just decided to arrive early!   I  go take my dope ass back drop Gucci pic and continue on bout my day may mention IT WAS NO GUCCI MERCH! I could not believe it then again he isn’t on tour he just came for his show in Dallas! Anyway 10 p.m comes around  and opening acts are still performing ” No Biggie”, I said to myself. 11 o’clock comes & now I’m getting worried , usually I’m leaving the concert around 11:30 ! Soon enough I see Gucci Mane’s million dollar smile from a mile away and my life was then complete.

He opened with “Both”  and from there he really only performed most of the songs he is featured in. I mean it’s  Gucci so I vibed out but I was really hoping for some Trap House 3 or Trap God 1 or 2! The only tbt I got was “Bricks” but like I said it was Gucci so I was just blessed to be there ! I was assuming because he isn’t on tour he had free range to perform watever but clearly I thought wrong.

Enter a caption

I was utterly grateful to have witness a live Gucci performance, I just wish I could’ve gotten some merch & most of all some old Gucci!







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