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Dali VooDoo

Ive wanted to shine some light on upcoming Dallas Artist for a while now but just haven’t really felt motivated and that’s my own personal problem! It wasn’t until I saw Dallas’s very own Dali VooDoo opening performance for Gucci Mane himself and I just knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to blog about this. During the performance all I could imagine was how Dallas music scene is really evolving  & I believe Dali is going to be apart of that!

While Dali was performing I looked to the crowd to catch the vibe from what I saw it was either a YES or NO for some people. I will say Dali has a very  unique style so some people may be unreceptive of it. Although I will say it was a definit YES for me!

IMG_2393I love Dali VooDoo style I love the fact that he is himself and unapologetic ! If you’re not open to different things you won’t understand it which is the vibe I caught from the crowd but you have no choice but to respect him due to the grind he is putting into his music which is art within itself.

If you have not heard of Dali VooDoo I would recommend listening to Rainwater. That song is my go to song before work, it puts me in a ” let me get ready mood” , I just be jamming! During his performance I notice people singing along to Swing Low so if you are a new comer I would suggest listening to those two songs first.  Like I said Rainwater is my personal favorite.

Fun Fact!

Dali was once employed at Bath & Body works and now he is opening for people like Travis Scott and Gucci Mane. This really inspires me because as much as I want to say fuck my 9 to 5 , Dali’s grind shows that we have to do what we have to do and to just keep grinding and working hard which really motivates me.






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