Teenage Emotions Tour

Lil Yachty, Evander Grimm, & Sailing Team



Lets take notes on how Dallas was the first city Yachty started his tour in and it is simply because we are the best! Let me start by saying every time Lil Yachty comes to Dallas I never miss a show but all the previous shows have been him opening for someone else. The fact this was his first headlining tour, things just really felt different, different in a good way of course.

Evander Grimm Teenage Emotions Tour

Photo Credit: Connor Gibbons

Evander Grimm

Ok SO BOOM! Me being me I got there late and missed Evander Grimm, whom I was really excited to see! (Ill never forgive myself). Me just getting there alone was soo  much drama I literally ran so I wouldn’t miss him but I did! I was sad asf BUT believe me when “X Men”  came on I was all over the place going crazy. I’m defiantly adding a video…

Sailing Team


PERRY– I walked in right when Perry was performing but to be honestly I didn’t even know Perry had his own music and that’s my fault for being sleep.

JBan – Who is one of my favorites, I’m not gone lie I was expecting more from Promise Land. “90’s Babies” is my shit and I feel like the crowd would’ve really vibe out to that one and now that I think about it, it goes with the Teenage Emotions feel. That’s definitely something to think about for future shows.

BYOU–  Your performance and energy was great, I have a new favorite song which is “Ksubis” I’m with that gangsta shit that’s probably why I like it.

Kodie Shane– She is forreal a Rock Star, her presence really wake you up and want to watch her. I loved every song she performed and now I’m really interested into listening to her more.


Photo Credit: Connor Gibbons






(I’m almost positive I missed some of the acts because a girl next to me passed out and her boyfriends was looking at me for help so I literally had to run a mile to find help! More Drama)

I did catch everyone for “All In” which is my all time favorite song! As you can tell..

Lil Boat



Photo Credit: Conner Gibbons


Ugh! If you know me you know Lil Yachty is one of my favorite artist so I’m going to try not to make this as long as it can be. Let me start by saying you’re real asf for remixing and performing one of Dallas’s very own TayK’s song “The Race”, my head almost exploded!

I love the song selections and order he decided to perform them in, artist sometime tend to fuck up in this area. I don’t know if it was only me that notice it but in the middle of performing Lil Yachty called for a break and I think it was because of technical difficulties. The show continued to go on and it was fantastic it was truly a show to remember! He set the tone and had good crowd control for each song he performed, i.e when he performed Bring It Back he had disco lights going on and when he performed Minnesota he made the crowd form mosh pits and rage.

This show was one of the best concerts i’ve attended all summer.


Besides the Kehlani’s merch, LilYachty’s merch was one of the most unique of this summer. I thought it was super clever because Lil Yachtys Favorite food is PIZZA!





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