I don’t mean to shop but when I do, It’s on Sale..

If you’ve read any of my Fashion Blogs you know that when I do shop, it’s always for a reasonable price! I don’t pay full price for anything unless I really want it!

I know y’all may be wondering, “how did I not mean to shop?” Easy! My boyfriend & I went to the mall to get him new shoes but we end up walking  out with a pair of shoes for myself and two new purses .

Steve Madden

I got word that Steve was having a 50% off  clearance sale ! Low and behold it was true, they had a lot of cute shoes on sale but I don’t know if I’ve mention I where a size 10 so the good shoes are always gone ! Good news I was able to find a pair!

Black Velvet Shoes

Orginal Price – N/A

Clarence Price – $19.99

Half Off Price- $10


Blue Velvet Clutch Purse

Orginal Price –  $48

Clarence Price – $14.99

Half Off Price- $7.50

Then I went to Ross..

if you don’t know at Ross you can find a lot of name brand items for a bargain of the price.

Soon as I walked in I saw a mini red Steve Madden purse that I literally had to have!


Red Mini Purse

Orginal Price – $58

Ross Price – $19.99

About time I got home GoJane was having a SALE! GoJane is one of my favorite online female clothing stores! They literally send our good deals almost every day if you are apart of their mailing list.


Snake Skin Booties

Sale- $26. 31 





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