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Kid Cudi

This is a blog about Kid Cudi Tour . Passion pain and demon slayin Tour This is also a concert review and what to expect.

Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin Tour

a.k.a a VIBE X1000

It’s no secret that 2016 was a hard year for Kid Cudi but if you are a true fan, you know it is a deeper message behind all of his music and he has always had a hard time far as being accepted and just going through life period.

Let me be the first to tell you that he is back and better than ever! His presence on stage was ecstatic, he kept a smile on his face literally the whole time and I don’t know if it was just me but you could literally feel his happiness and I knew he was in a better place. He came on stage alone, NO ENTOURAGE, and NO DJ so it was easy to focus on just him. The energy he gave us was so rich I could taste it, he danced and the crowd followed. I want to take notice to how Cudi did not come out in a whole Gucci fit with 10 chains on, he had on a red Adidas shirt & some pants, NO FLEX ZONE on a serious level. I mentioned that because Cudi produced his whole album which means all that Money is all his but he shows us he doesn’t need to be iced out to show he really in his bag!



I usually never speak on stage set up but this was one to talk about, so lets talk about it! The set was covered in prop WEED PLANTS! The building was already so fogged out with weed smoke, that it really complemented the set. Throughout the concert there was snow on some scenes and when it was snow it reminded me of smoking and chilling in Colorado (even though I never been to Colorado but I imagine that’s how it would be ).


Merch was high as hell! The end. No seriously I’ve never seen merchandise so high in my life. I planned on getting a hoodie but it was $105 which is outrageous. When I got home I notice a Champions logo on my shirt and it all made sense. We all know when it is designer we are paying for the name.


Yall know Lil Yachty is my favorite performer  and far as concerts I always give him the number but that spot has been changed. This was literally one of the best concerts I have ever been too. Everything was perfect, the song choices was perfect, even though this was for his new album he still showed a lot of  love to his old hits. He even brings King Chip out, who is featured on “Just What I Am”. As I mentioned he is in a much better place and if his body language and vibe didn’t confirm it, right before he performed “The Pursuit of Happiness” he spoke on his pass and how he is in a much better place which really warmed my heart because it really shows. He announced that he will be back sooner than we think and has more music on the way! Which is very exciting to me because its been a long time come and I’m ready!

(when he performed “Surfin” I came alive!) It is very important to remain doing you, create your own wave & ride that motha fucka!



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