I met Evanda when she was pursuing her fashion career, she put me on with the opportunity to be in a fashion show. Ever since then we’ve stayed in contact and I have been able to see her grow and be successful in many things. Evanda is known around Dallas for being a hair slayer and her unique style but just these past 6 months she has been making a lot of waves with her music alone.



Evanda made her big debut with a girl boss inspired EP, Paradox which features her major hit “Pretty Girl Gang” which is one of my favorite songs as well! This EP can be found on SoundCloud  or you can even buy a hard copy on her website http://EvandaElite.com . Within days of droping the EP she also dropped a visual / music video for “Pretty Girl Gang”. A very live and vibrant video featuring herself & her girl gang !


On this EP you will hear a lot of girl impowered or boss bi**h music. Doing an Interview with Dallas’s most popular radio station 97.9 The Beat, Evanda mentions how she has always been big on embracing women and enhancing their beauty. While being an influential young lady herself, Evanda is influenced by early 90’s girl group TLC & Missy ElLiot.7EF0FD1A-4106-41B4-905C-C42517A815A8

Evanda says, “we can expect another amazing visual on Black Friday.
I love y’all thanks for supporting me I have so much under my sleeve so stay tuned by subscribing to EvandaELITE.com and turning on my post notifications on instagram.”


Dear Evanda ,

You’re doing great sweetie, keep doing you!

Follow her on her social to CHECK OUT MORE !

Instagram @Evandaa_
Snapchat Og_Labbadd
Twitter @Evandaa__
Facebook Evanda Labadd Johnson


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