No Jumper x Lil Yachty




+ Fiesta’s Unasked for Opinions =

(This isn’t college ! I legit got all my info from Adam22 “NoJumper” interview featuring Lil Yachty, I fw the interview so much I had to speak on it)

We all know I am a Lil Yachty fan, maybe one of the biggest! I mean I been there from jump, I’ve said this plenty of times in previous blog post. I have been fiend for an interview like this and I couldn’t be more lit that I finally got my fix! This interview literally answers all my life questions (boost) but Yachty related, YES! Man… I don’t know where to start but lets get into it!


Photo: No jumper


Sound Cloud Artist

I heard my first Lil Yachty song on Sound Cloud so I guess it is safe to say he started as a “Sound Cloud Rapper” but as mentioned in the interview he was not boxed in that category for long. Adam22 and Yachty speaks on how when he was on sound cloud the beats was harder and the music was raw and I couldn’t agree more but we’ll speak on that more when we get into the “Mainstream” topic. When I first started listening to Yachty the music didn’t make sense but I liked it, it was different and I was here for it. After the Freshman Class XXL 2016 emerged from Sound Cloud the music has not been the same in my opinion but after the interview Yachty seems to agree. The Sound Clod music scene is becoming weird but not in a good way Yachty took the words out of my mouth when he said, “Ni**as be doing weird shit for attention”. Don’t get me wrong I still turn to Sound Cloud in hope of running into some of my favorite artist throw aways or just to listen to some of my upcoming friends but for the most part these Sound Cloud Artist is becoming a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I cant relate to. Yachty admits that when he was on Sound Cloud it was easier for him to grab better beats and the beats was actually better and I can see that. Now he feels like he has to reach out to bigger producers like Metro Boomin because the others are harder to reach due to his status.


Let me start by staying one of my pet peeves is when I’m talking about lil Yachty and a mf is so oblivious to were I have to start signing “I SPY” or “Broccoli” and then they get it! I knew the day would come when Yachty had to go mainstream but because I’m loyal I was ready for it and I supported it. Yachty mentions how he had to get to the money in many different ways rather it being going mainstream and making an album for mainstream fans or hopping a Target endorsement. In this interview Yachty is smarter than we think, he understands he had to elevate in every aspect. If you are a real fan you know that Lil Boat and Lost Files sound completely different from Teenage Emotions. When you watch the Interview Yachty explains why. In my opinion her put the main in mainstream but he still wow’d us by putting his unique twist on things by relating to all different kinds of “teenage emotions” its genius !

Lil Boat 2 ON THE WAY!

Man Oh Man! When Yachty kept mentioning how Lil Boat 2 is on the way I almost fell to the flow, I mean seriously. Now we can get that radio sh!t out the way and get to the real deal, that raging sh!t ! I do not believe if he set date but I will surely be on the look out!


@Adam22 did an amazing job covering old and new beef, upcoming projects, and really just picking Yachty’s brain. I didn’t cover even half so you defiantly have to check out the interview. CHECK THIS INTERVIEW OUT!




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