Fiesta Tea

Women’s History Month Luncheon

DeDe’s Women’s History Month Luncheon

Earlier this month I had the chance of attending DeDe’s Women’s luncheon. DeDe McGuire is one of the biggest radio personalities in Dallas, Texas. She has done so much for the city that her coordinating this luncheon for women was no surprise.

The luncheon held so many beautiful and  powerful women that it was nothing but vibrant energy flowing through the room one could feel it on their skin causing goosebumps. All the ladies were so different and successful in their own way. Women from Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts,  The Mavericks Office DJ “Dj Poizen Ivy, To the most creditable lawyer in Dallas “Amy Witherite” and of course many more.

The menu choice was nothing extraordinary but just right for this occasion & happen to be some of my favorite foods. We started with an ice berg salad topped with blue cheese crumbles, bacon, red onions, & ranch which happens to be my favorite combo. Then we had a chicken breast on top of mash potatoes and mini carrot sticks topped with a lemon butter gravy. Of course the best was for last which was dessert, for dessert bread pudding was served and when I say it was so good, I think about it till this day!

A couple of weeks before the luncheon I was introduced to some of Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube videos so I was more than ecstatic to be blessed her words in person. She is such an inspiration and her words are so moving she brings me to tears every time!


I can not wait until next year because I will definitely be in attendance!



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