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Out Of State Lunch Date Ep. 2

Seafood Lady

Louisville, Kentucky




This past weekend my best friend and I decided to have lunch in good ole Louisville , Kentucky . If you have been following this new journey of mine you would know that I recently took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to visit and have lunch at Hattie Marie’s Bbq . Next thing you know my friend is calling me up to make this thing happen again but in a different state. We both decided that we wanted to try the Seafood Lady located in Louisville, Kentucky. So we made plans, made arrangements and headed there. Believe me it was not the easiest trip far as getting there but it was well worth it. We endured a lot of lay over flights which wasn’t the worst thing but like I said it was worth it and ill defiantly do it again.

I found myself craving Seafood Lady before even trying it because the unique twist of seafood items I see on her Instagram page. I personally first encountered Seafood Lady on Facebook from watching a clip of Guy Fieri’s show on Food Network . The only thing I saw her make was the Lobster Waffle and I was sold, that is honestly all I needed to see!


My friend and I had the idea to order a lot of food, split it all, and still have some to take back home and we did exactly that.

We ordered:


Lobster and Waffles $28.99

Chee- Sea Fry $10.99

Crab Cakes (2) $12.99

add on Catfish $7.50

add on Hushpuppies $2.99

Drink $1.75

TOTAL = $69.12  Each Paid $34.56


Lobster and Waffles – Was my absolute favorite ! I have no clue if the waffle its self was Cajun but it really have a unique Cajun bite to the flavor . The lobster was fried to perfection and still had the perfect amount of tenderness and that thang was juicy! The entrée also came with 6 jumbo fried shrimp which was a plus because we wanted shrimp ! The whole dish was a win win , 10 out of 10 type vibe!



Chee- Sea Fry- Has to be one of the cutest names for “cheese fries” I ever saw.  The fries were loaded with cheese, crab meet, and a Cajun seasoning. I am not exactly sure what kind of cheese it was but it was very complementing. I really enjoyed this dish because adding seafood to anything cheese related can be a bit questionable if you ask me but it tasted beyond better than I expected. The thought of that gooey cheese melting in my mouth is still giving me chills.



Crab Cakes- The crab cakes were good but dont get me wrong they were not the best I’ve ever had. My friend did not like them at all but to me they were not that bad I guess I would prefer it on a garden salad with a light vinaigrette dressing to drown out some of the herb taste I was receiving from the crab cake.




Catfish- When it comes to the fish it really depend on what you like. I personally like my fish fried hard I am from the south so I dont know if that has anything to do with it but my friend agreed. The flavor was there but I could barely tell because of the softness from the fish which is not a problem some people just like their fish cooked a certain way and I am one of them. I am not apposed to ordering the fish again , next time I will just make a request to fry it longer.



Luckily this time I did not have to pay for a flight I flew on a budE1F5B7FE-1E83-4B4E-BAA8-9E0D72C12607dy pass  but the cheapest I have seen via Google Flights is $200 which is quite a bit but you do what you want when you popping. We decided to stay for one night because this trip did not include a day activity. The hotel was $88 so we each payed $44 , I believed we only used Lyft a total of 3 times which was less than $10 a ride. So at the end of the day I spent a $93.56- $100 which was in the same price range as my trip to Atlanta.




I seriously can not wait to go back to Seafood Lady next time I visit Kentucky that restaurant is defiantly my first stop!





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