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Ladies Link Meet & Greet

Ladies Link is a freshly started women’s group founded by Brionna Brigham. This weekend I was excited to join her in her meet and greet brunch where ladies from many backgrounds and promising futures were all in attendance .

Liana B Photo Company @lb_photoco

Liana B Photo Company @lb_photoco

The afternoon started with the ladies introducing their selves and occupation. Later in the afternoon we engaged in brunch and played a speed dating game which aloud us to open up and get to know each other better. As mentioned the room was filled with so much protentional and promising futures . The networking part of the event really excited me because it was the perfect environment for Ladies to Link!

Ladies Link has plans for future events such as; community service, outings, and even bible studies from time to time. Ladies Link mission ,”amplify the success, voice, & growth of all women by consistently providing a platform that promotes genuine empowerment of women by women.” 

I can not wait to see what else Ladies Link has to offer for not only myself but other women as well.

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