Cupcakes & Cocktails





Lets start with how Cupcakes & Cocktails has to be the cutest idea ever ! I know sometimes its hard to decided on what you and the gang is going to do for a night out besides going to the same bar or club . Me personally, I like to eat, drink, and do hands on activities so Cupcakes & Cocktails is perfect for me and if you like the same it’ll be perfect for you too!


First we started with a demo/class lead by Kyle (bartender at Pink Magnolia) on how to make 3 specialty cocktails ! The class was fully detailed to were if you wanted to recreate the drink at home you could. We were able to try all 3 drinks and each drink was made available for purchase .

Cupcakes !

Then we participated in a Cupcake decoration demo/class lead by Cookie (Pastry Chef at Pink Mag. ) Let me be the first to say decorating cupcakes is not as easy as it seems but with Cookie leading the way, you are in good hands! By the end of the night you’ll be a couple of steps closer to becoming a pro!

Cupcakes & Cocktails will be hosted at Pink Magnolia monthly. If wanting you can also host birthdays, Bachelorette parties, or even participate in a 6 week course ! Either way go and join Cookie as she leads the way to goo cupcake making !

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