Fiesta Tea

Dream Conference

Dreamers Meet & Greet/ Signing Event

Dreamers are exactly what it sounds like , people that strive to do better & want more , people that want better for not only their future but others future as well!

(Dreamers can also be referred to as Influencers)

With that being said I’m happy to announce that I am a hand picked influencer for the upcoming Dream Conference event !

Tonight all of the Dreamer participated in a meet & greet / signing party . The event was host by : Bailey @baileybarelycare (head of influencers) with along side Bianca @iambiancasanders (chief of staff) !


I am beyond excited to be apart of something as big as this ! I truly can feel the manifestation that is going to happen with this conference. Bringing young entrepreneurs together for a greater good is always amazing to see so big shout out to Flex @flexaveli (Founder) for seeing the vision.

Dream is going to be a 4 day event and it is going to be something you do not want to miss . So even if you can not make it to all four days, at least try to make it to two ! For more information please be sure to follow all of the people that I have mentioned throughout this blog . I can not wait to see all of you Dreamers at The Dream Conference!


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