Babe Cave

DIY Makeup Room / Vanity

This project was fun, easy, & therapeutic! I’ve always wanted a MakeUp room & now here you have it . Everything was pretty much affordable but if you can find a cheaper route go for it , ex: the mirror cost me the most , if you can find one at a thrift store I would suggest that ! The “eyelash picture” you see cost $20 at Hobby Lobby but I recreated it for literary a $1 . Before I created this space I always thought I had to spend 100s of dollars but nope not the case ! So I hope this helps you create your future BABE CAVE !

  • Vanity Lights – Amazon $21
  • Hustle Sign- Bed Bath & Beyond $12
  • Floating Shelves – 5 & Below $5
  • Makeup Brush holders – Dollar Tree $1
  • MakeUp Holder – Marshalls $7.99
  • MakeUp Holder – Dollar Tree $1
  • Candle/Candle Holder – Bath and body works $Gift
  • F light – Michaels $N/A less than $10
  • Eyelash Picture- (google / printer) $FREE , frame – Dollar Tree $1
  • Mirror -Ross $30-40

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