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“❗️” Trippie Redd

Album Review

Trippie Redd has dropped a new album and I couldn’t be more excited. To many people surprise I love Trippie Redd and im a major fan. I love raging and I love the screaming that Trippie does and that’s just that!

Its funny because leading up to the album release I received multiple messages and comments like this!

Its funny because everyone expects Trippie to get on the track and start screaming and honestly … so do I but to my dismay , this album was the complete opposite.

I want to be the first to say this album is very mellow and oh yea if you didnt know now you know, TRIPPIE REDD IS IN LOVE and you can tell! Now that that’s said lets get into album.

On this album Trippie has features from ; Playboi Carti, The Game, Lil Baby, Lil Duke ,and most importantly his girlfriend Coi Leray! As mentioned this album is the complete opposite of what you would expect from Trippie and in my opinion he switch the flow up but thats ok, It reminds me of how Lil Yachty switch the flow up when he dropped “Teenage Emotions”. It wasnt bad it was just something different .

I have a couple of favorite songs so far (listed below) but if I was to say my least favorite thing about the album , it would be that it’s nothing to rage and jump around to, the closest you’ll get is “Mac 10” and maybe “Riot”.

Playlist Attached

All and All “!” is now in my summer 2k19 rotation! Check out my favorite songs listed above and let me know what you think !


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