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Da Baby

Album Review

Let’s Gooooo

Before this newly released album , Da Baby has released & has been featured in many other projects ! In my opinion Da Baby is one of the hottest rappers out right now. From his up beat concert performances to his creative music videos , Da Baby is truly someone to watch.

The intro to KIRK starts with Da Baby explaining how his father passed recently this year which was a complete surprise to me because the whole year we really saw

 Da Baby doing nothing but working . He also mentions his daughter and his family a whole bunch which I liked because it shows a different side of him . Speaking of a different side as most artist after their first album , they “switch the flow” up ! Which is not always bad , in my opinion it’s not much club play or radio stream music on this album, maybe the intro and “VIBEZ”. 

Let’s get into the artist that are featured on “KIRK” ! I was actually surprised to see my best friend Nicki Minaj featured and my homeboy Kevin Gates . This album also includes Chance The Rapper, Gucci Mane, Migos, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Baby & of course Stunna 4 Vegas. By default some of my favorite songs song included my favorite artist. Songs like ; “Pop Star” ft. Kevin Gates, “iPhone” w/ Nicki Minaj , and “Raw S**T” ft Migos . Outside of that I like the Intro & “VIBEZ” and the ones listed above. 

A couple of people I know has generally said the same thing about the album . I haven’t talk to one person that has just loved it. I also feel like some of the other songs he has outside of the album are better . I honestly thought I would have way more to say because I was so excited about the album and I’m a fan of Da Baby. If you haven’t listen yet , listen to my favs first then have a go at the rest ! 


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