About Me


Hey yall! Its your girl Fiesta! Im a southern girl from the best city and state you can think of. Yes! you guessed it, Dallas, Texas. Let me say I can not be more than happy that you are here to visit. You’re here because you are looking for a good time. Here you can find anything from Music to Food Reviews, DIYs, hair tips & etc will also be included.

I currently have my associates degree in the arts ,now working on my bachelors degree in Journalism/ TV broadcasting, I also work part time as a waitress. So my blog may seem fun and games just remember I am a HARD WORKING young lady.

(SN: I am NOT an ENGLISH MAJOR so do not kill me for grammar or spelling ! I try my best ! )

One day I will be on TV working in TV personality field. So get my autograph while you can.


“You do what you want when you popping”