Very modest Fiesta

Sc: Fiestacray

TBH I completely forgot about this category , Oops!

So this look was very modest to me which I like because usually I feel the cutest when I’m showing a little skin, which may be a bad thing but who cares !


No Love Without Pain

  • shirt- Fovever 21 -$10+
  • Dress/Skirt – GoJane- $11
  • Fishnets – (can be purchased from anywhere)
  • That lip color is “Riri Woo”

I absolutely love my shirt because I have a tattoo that says something similar, ” love is pain is love ” I got it because It didn’t make me feel as dumb about the tattoo  decision. The mustard  velvet “skirt” is actually a dress ! The shirt is obviously a shirt but I made a knot at the bottom so it can appear to look a little crop topish ! Let’s see hummm , I got my shoes long time ago but they’re just black combat boots with a little heel on them. I got the tights from a club I used to work at but I know for a fact you can get fishnets from just about anywhere ! I’m not wearing any jewelry because I’m lame & always forget to put it on !

This look is cool for any occasion if you ask me. I personally wore it to the bar & a gay club after awards but I would also wear it to a graduation or just out to eat or something  the look is  versatile like that !


El Bolero

Did someone say Lobster Fajitas 🌶

Ive been on a lobster kick for a couple of weeks now so when I ran into this dish it was nothing but perfect! I’ve heard of Lobster Rolls or lobster pizza but NEVER Lobster Fajitas. I came across El Bolero when reading a blog titled Top 10 Meals you have to try in Dallas. Soon as I scrolled pasted Lobster Fajitas I knew it was something I had to try!



Before going to El Bolero I did more research & found out that on Fridays it is Lobster Friday & Lobster Fajitas are half off which means they are $15 usually $30 BUT WELL WORTH IT, plus it’s Lobster. 😅


More Deals

Ok I know y’all are wondering how it taste! Let me just say IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAD IN A MINUTE! I’m still thinking about it, I mean seriously! Everything was great, the vibe was cool, the  restaurant  was clean, which made the visit so much better!

Im definitely going back, no doubt!

El Bolero is located in the Design District of Dallas.

Lil Boat

Teenage Emotions !

I really just want to take time to talk &  analyze this cover art . Literally so many emotions in one pic, Teenage Emotions is the perfect title for Lil Yachty’s upcoming album! He referees to himself as “King of the Teens” , so the fact he incorporated so many different kinds of teens in the picture ,I’m in love ! It makes me  curious to see how many souls he is going to touch with this album!


So I see we have Migos ,Blah ,Blah, & Evander Griim! Evander Griim ! I don’t want to make this blog about him but let me insure you that XMEN is going to be your favorite song !! Griim is an upcoming artist (my personal favorite right now) & I just know he is  distant for greatness!! I was so lit when I found out he was on this album ! I’m not gone believe it until I hear it ! Either way lets get it E!


This date awaits us, and I’m so excited! I don’t know about yall but I was getting tired of the Features.


Dear Rob Stone, You let me down!

You may be wondering, how did Rob Stone let Fiesta down?

Well he really didn’t, but he kind of did! Then again i’ve come to conclusion he let himself down. Ill tell the story and let yall be the judge!

This past Sunday I , FIESTA was scheduled to do an interview with ROB STONE. Which would’ve been my first “Celebrity” interview( so you know I was lit)!  A good hand full of weeks before the scheduled interview. I made sure I was so official so that I could come professional when conducting my interview. So obviously I got granted the interview and was fully prepared!


Leading up to the interview day literally a week before. I see Rob Stone going off on twitter and Instagram. I’m going to let the video tell the story cause I don’t even feel like telling it again! In a nut shell Ski Mask The Slump God kept going over his damn set which obviously pissed Rob off!

So if you didn’t know at concerts everybody has a set stage time and a certain amount of time they can be on stage! The order usually goes from; artist that are making waves in their city/ artist we “may” know, to UPCOMING ARTIST with a world wide hit, ending with the HEADLINER!

(Desiinger was the headliner at this concert)

SN: That’s why I thought the 21 Savage Line Up  was all the way jacked up!!

Anyway the next day after the fight I receive this email…….


Like wtf Rob! I was prepared for this and a little bit excited. I do not fault him cause that would’ve had me mad too!

As I mentioned “he let himself down” cause he is now

kicked off the whole tour!

and I’m just stuck without an interview 😦 , GOOD NEWS IS its no stopping Fiesta and it’s more where that came from! After the chaos I notice Rob Stone deleted all the videos and beef! But he did mention how he’ll see Ski Mask at Rolling Loud! I wont be making it to Rolling Loud cause I’m not that rich yet! But I guess will just have to see where that conversation continues via social media.

Did Rob let himself down or Fiesta? leave comments in comment section lol.


Issa Tour

sc: Fiestacray

21 21

This past weekend I went to Issa Tour concert, with headliner 21 Savage and opener Young M.A, Tee Grizzley and other guest. I primarily attended the concert because I like 21 Savage but really wanted to see Tee Grizzley perform !

My date & I came a little late to avoid the openers we did not know.  Because  Tee Grizzley  is an upcoming well-known artist I assume that he would perform right before 21 Savage. But boy did I think wrong ! Young M.A was the main opener for 21. Which was so crazy to me! I feel that Tee Grizzley should’ve opened for 21 but instead he was the second performer of the night which is wack asf! In a nut shell…WE MISSED TEE GRIZZLEY PERFORMANCE!!!!!!

But God had my back !  When I went to go get some Murch , Tee Grizzley ended up coming out & signed  autographs . Which is the good news!

Besides the artist order , let’s talk about 21 savage performance.   This was my second time seeing him perform  and I have come to conclusion that he is not much of a performer . Which is not entirely his fault,  I can tell he has a chill  demeanor .  He  never has 10 of his other homeboys on stage with him which is not a problem but personally I like to rage!!  The set was good but could’ve been way better .

now the fun part !







I honestly don’t even know where to start…..

OK SO Boom!

When I try a new place I like to bring a guest so I can get different opinions. I decided to bring my sister with me on this adventure! While dinning out she kept mentioning how she’s so happy we came. After every bite or sip of her drink I could see her unwinding.

We decided to order fish and wings because we wanted both! (we healthy girls).,ku76

(These are not my pics, but the pictures looks how the food looks in person I swear)

You order your food at the front and then seat yourself. Soon as we set down the manager/owner greeted us I was literally shook on how personable and friendly he was! Like wow, he could’ve became my uncle if we got to know each other a little longer.

While waiting on our food we enjoyed the music from the live dj which had my sister signing and dancing the whole night.


Thibodeaux also has a bar so you know I’m get a drink! I got the Swamp Water! Bae-Bayyyy when I tell you that drink was good and strong, it was the perfect combination. I mean seriously when I say if I had two of those I know I would be drunk. May I mention the bartender was soooo sweet! She came to check on my sister and I to ask about our drinks. Which was rare because bartenders usually stay behind the bar and never engaged with people outside their bar top , so I thought that was kind of her to come check on us.

I was so surprised to finally find a place where THE FOOD IS BEYOND GREAT, THE ATMOPSPHERE IS GREAT and the service is also in order. Soon as I left I got in my group msg of friends and told them about Thibodeaux and believe me or not, they where there the NEXT day and had the same good things to say.

I more than high recommend Thibodeaux !


107 N Cedar Ridge Dr, Ste 106
Duncanville, Texas

Update: 3/30/15

I ordered something togo last night and I should’ve known by the look on the other people faces, that it was going to be awhile lets just say it took an hour and 40 min (no lie). BUT MAN WAS MY FOOD STILL GOOD!

Taste of New Orleans

Dat Dog

Really what drove me to this place was the appearance. The restaurant was painted with beautiful colors and filled with vibrant lights.


When I approached the menu I was so amazed by the different meats you can make into a sausage. They had an Alligator dog (which is the one I chose) or even a crawfish dog! After you pick the meat type you want, you then choose the toppings which is far from just ketchup and mustard. Due to the fact we where in New Orleans it was not surprise when I saw crawfish and a Cajun sauce as a topping.

I honestly can not remember what all I put on my dog but believe me it was to die for.


Dat Dog is located on Magazine Street which is basically the artsy district of NOLA

I absolutely  can not wait to go back!

We Dat Food Truck

Ok so I came across this place when I was looking for a good ole “hood plate”. If you do not know what a hood plate is I would love to explain. A hood plate is basically a BIG meal that you get from the hood for cheap. I mean the plate has to be loaded with food and poorly presented. As I searched across Instagram I found We Dat Food Truck. The Instagram pictures looked just right for me, so I headed there.

  1. The location is definitely not in the hood, lol (not a problem)
  2. The menu was pretty basic which is sometime good .
  3. The PRICE was definitely not CHEAP. (but hey we all tryna make money)
  4. Taste was honestly just OK ! I’ve had better!


I got the Wazzam Wings w/ cheese, bacon, and jalapeño fries.

I’m not pressed to go back but it’ll be cool for you to try.