{Ryan & Friends Social Media Workshop}

Over the past weekend I got to experience and attend a Ryan White event. Ryan is a Dallas native, creator, and also happens to be one of my favorite people. If you know me you know I love the idea of bringing people together. Sometimes we forget that unity and love brings people together so I really appreciate Ryan for hosting and directing this event.

The IQ HAUS Studio was full of some of Dallas’s most influential people from Bloggers, Models, Stylist, to Creative Directors. Which was such a beautiful sight to see all of these people coming together to network and step out of our online social media comfort zone, because we all know when we receive a DM saying, “lets link up” 8/10 that doesn’t happen. Not because we dont want to but because its something about face to face networking interaction that is so much better. 

The discussion panel consist of:

Ryan White himself 


Jazzi Black


Moses The Mogul


Dj 4.0




Taylor Fisher


Bria Charlise


The While attending The Workshop I got to hear different trial and tribulations that hit very close to home exspecially being a young entrepreneur myself. This lovely panel reminded me that it is ok to be human ! Everyone goes through a rough patch that we can not figure out sometimes. They reminded me that being consistent is the most important thing that one can do while trying to fulfill your dreams and be an entrepreneur! 

A special thank you to Ryan for throwing this event and thank you to the panel of speakers that spoke! Good luck to anyone that is trying to be anything they want to be! The world is yours and , “You Are You’re Only Limit”.


Outfit Repeat on Fleek

2 for 1

I never got to do outfit details the first time I wore this outfit so when I wore it again I realized how much I like the concept.

This is the perfect day out or campus look, not too much not too less.

This look is Forever 21 down to the ground (ironically).

Black Corduroy Overalls – $24.90

Orange Tee – > $10

Guns & Roses Tee – Shirt Details 

Nike Roshe Runs – $69.99


Campus Cruiser

Campus / Dinner Party Look

Waking up this morning I knew I had to be at school all day and later that night attend my little sisters Birthday Dinner that night. So this is what I came up with!



My sister didn’t like the fact I wore tennis shoes but when I explained to her that it was also a “Campus Look” she thought it made sense. If you want to get fancy I would also wear a casual heal or bootie boots.


Shirt- Walmart- $5

Skirt- H&M – $7

Biker Shorts– Forever 21 – >$10

Shoes– Steve Madden- “on sale” $10-15

Red, Black, & White

Look what my closet has become !

You know how Janelle Monae only wears Black & White? Its like her signature look, I’ve never seen her wear anything else. If you look close enough a lot of celebrities have a “signature look” or a certain color that they wear. I notice that my look is becoming RED, BLACK, & WHITE.

This wasn’t purposely done, I literally was going through my pics and notice this but I LOVE IT!

Which makes sense due to the fact ill soon be a celebrity ( I’m 50% joking/ 50% serious I just don’t want to seem vain).


I don’t mean to shop but when I do, It’s on Sale..

If you’ve read any of my Fashion Blogs you know that when I do shop, it’s always for a reasonable price! I don’t pay full price for anything unless I really want it!

I know y’all may be wondering, “how did I not mean to shop?” Easy! My boyfriend & I went to the mall to get him new shoes but we end up walking  out with a pair of shoes for myself and two new purses .

Steve Madden

I got word that Steve was having a 50% off  clearance sale ! Low and behold it was true, they had a lot of cute shoes on sale but I don’t know if I’ve mention I where a size 10 so the good shoes are always gone ! Good news I was able to find a pair!

Black Velvet Shoes

Orginal Price – N/A

Clarence Price – $19.99

Half Off Price- $10


Blue Velvet Clutch Purse

Orginal Price –  $48

Clarence Price – $14.99

Half Off Price- $7.50

Then I went to Ross..

if you don’t know at Ross you can find a lot of name brand items for a bargain of the price.

Soon as I walked in I saw a mini red Steve Madden purse that I literally had to have!


Red Mini Purse

Orginal Price – $58

Ross Price – $19.99

About time I got home GoJane was having a SALE! GoJane is one of my favorite online female clothing stores! They literally send our good deals almost every day if you are apart of their mailing list.


Snake Skin Booties

Sale- $26. 31 




All Laced Up



Houston we have a problem ! This outfit is pretty simple to me, I didn’t too much care for it. The body suit happen to go perfect with my shoes, so I was like, “Why Not!” I wore this to Drinks Houston which is a pretty chill club scene but not too hype! DETAILS BELOW!

  • Body Suit – Fashion Nova $20-$25
  • Shorts – Forever 21 $12
  •  Heels – Shu Dealz $25

Code Red


ItsFiestateaV all Red Outfits

Honestly im a little annoyed  how this whole outfit is from Forever 21, Besides my shoes! Of course I purchased them at separate times but still they was both purchased from the same place.  S/o to my SC followers some of them helped me with this outfit choice! FMOSC @ Fiestacray . Details below & always remember you can still be cute on a budget !

👠 Shoes- GoJane – <$30

Top -Forever 21- $6 maybe even less knowing me

Skirt- $15

Favorite Lipstick  💄- Walmart (Imani) color = Devotion – $7