No Jumper x Lil Yachty




+ Fiesta’s Unasked for Opinions =

(This isn’t college ! I legit got all my info from Adam22 “NoJumper” interview featuring Lil Yachty, I fw the interview so much I had to speak on it)

We all know I am a Lil Yachty fan, maybe one of the biggest! I mean I been there from jump, I’ve said this plenty of times in previous blog post. I have been fiend for an interview like this and I couldn’t be more lit that I finally got my fix! This interview literally answers all my life questions (boost) but Yachty related, YES! Man… I don’t know where to start but lets get into it!


Photo: No jumper


Sound Cloud Artist

I heard my first Lil Yachty song on Sound Cloud so I guess it is safe to say he started as a “Sound Cloud Rapper” but as mentioned in the interview he was not boxed in that category for long. Adam22 and Yachty speaks on how when he was on sound cloud the beats was harder and the music was raw and I couldn’t agree more but we’ll speak on that more when we get into the “Mainstream” topic. When I first started listening to Yachty the music didn’t make sense but I liked it, it was different and I was here for it. After the Freshman Class XXL 2016 emerged from Sound Cloud the music has not been the same in my opinion but after the interview Yachty seems to agree. The Sound Clod music scene is becoming weird but not in a good way Yachty took the words out of my mouth when he said, “Ni**as be doing weird shit for attention”. Don’t get me wrong I still turn to Sound Cloud in hope of running into some of my favorite artist throw aways or just to listen to some of my upcoming friends but for the most part these Sound Cloud Artist is becoming a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I cant relate to. Yachty admits that when he was on Sound Cloud it was easier for him to grab better beats and the beats was actually better and I can see that. Now he feels like he has to reach out to bigger producers like Metro Boomin because the others are harder to reach due to his status.


Let me start by staying one of my pet peeves is when I’m talking about lil Yachty and a mf is so oblivious to were I have to start signing “I SPY” or “Broccoli” and then they get it! I knew the day would come when Yachty had to go mainstream but because I’m loyal I was ready for it and I supported it. Yachty mentions how he had to get to the money in many different ways rather it being going mainstream and making an album for mainstream fans or hopping a Target endorsement. In this interview Yachty is smarter than we think, he understands he had to elevate in every aspect. If you are a real fan you know that Lil Boat and Lost Files sound completely different from Teenage Emotions. When you watch the Interview Yachty explains why. In my opinion her put the main in mainstream but he still wow’d us by putting his unique twist on things by relating to all different kinds of “teenage emotions” its genius !

Lil Boat 2 ON THE WAY!

Man Oh Man! When Yachty kept mentioning how Lil Boat 2 is on the way I almost fell to the flow, I mean seriously. Now we can get that radio sh!t out the way and get to the real deal, that raging sh!t ! I do not believe if he set date but I will surely be on the look out!


@Adam22 did an amazing job covering old and new beef, upcoming projects, and really just picking Yachty’s brain. I didn’t cover even half so you defiantly have to check out the interview. CHECK THIS INTERVIEW OUT!




Sunday Funday

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Grafiti Park

No brunch today instead my siblings & I went to a Grafiti Park located in Austin, TX. If you’re artsy fartsy you’ll love this place, it’s like a museum / hiking / art experience. One can even bring there own paint or spray paint and create their own paster piece. I would definitely come here for a date or an outing with family & friends !

Decks In The Park

This past weekend I had the chance to attend Decks In The Park  courtesy of  Dallas Observer. 

Before attending I did a little research and I didn’t find much information  so I didn’t know what to fully expect. The event was located at Kylde Warren Park which was the perfect location for this event because it gave people plenty of room to be free and dance.

Decks In The Park is a sponsored music event we’re more than hundreds of people come out to listen to Dallas Djs such as Big J, Johnny Funk, and more, who all put their own mix on  various genres of music. This event was hosted by Dj Souljah whom  definitely knows how to control the crowd. I was fortunate enough to have VIP Access which allowed me to see how much fun everybody was having. One could tell everybody in the crowd was having a good time!

I have been to many concerts but never to one like this. I can not wait to attend the next one! This is the perfect event for family and friends to attend, I highly recommend not missing the next one !




Future Concert

Lets talk about how the only reason I went to this concert was because Migos was in attendance and I previously missed the Migos tour. I can vibe to Future but im more of a Migos fan! With that being said I missed ALL of the opening acts including MIGOS!!! I was beyond  devastated, the venue location in Houston had a big part of this. The concert was located in The Woodlands which is literally nothing but woods. If you attend a concert at this location I advise you get there an hour early just to find parking.


Future was cool he played all of his old hood shit that  I like & of course some of his new music . The only thing that I could not stand is that he kept ending the songs so quickly! He didn’t even let the songs play half way  through without switching to the next song. I have a friend that attended the Dallas concert and she said the exact same thing. I honestly think it is because he had to appear and perform at the BET Awards that same weekend.  The concert went by so fast  it was over before I knew it. Here’s the recaps!



City City City & more City! I think it’s safe to say that Chicago is full of City ! My boyfriend & I have always talked about going to Chicago and LOOK we finally went ! We did just about everything there is to do in Chicago, I will make separate blogs for the different restaurants we went to. For now here are some pictures of the cool adventures we went on! These pictures took place in or at…

– Willis Tower /Sky deck
– China Town
– The Bean at Millennium Park
– SouthSide
– Set of Shameless
– Navy Pier

Dear Rob Stone, You let me down!

You may be wondering, how did Rob Stone let Fiesta down?

Well he really didn’t, but he kind of did! Then again i’ve come to conclusion he let himself down. Ill tell the story and let yall be the judge!

This past Sunday I , FIESTA was scheduled to do an interview with ROB STONE. Which would’ve been my first “Celebrity” interview( so you know I was lit)!  A good hand full of weeks before the scheduled interview. I made sure I was so official so that I could come professional when conducting my interview. So obviously I got granted the interview and was fully prepared!


Leading up to the interview day literally a week before. I see Rob Stone going off on twitter and Instagram. I’m going to let the video tell the story cause I don’t even feel like telling it again! In a nut shell Ski Mask The Slump God kept going over his damn set which obviously pissed Rob off!

So if you didn’t know at concerts everybody has a set stage time and a certain amount of time they can be on stage! The order usually goes from; artist that are making waves in their city/ artist we “may” know, to UPCOMING ARTIST with a world wide hit, ending with the HEADLINER!

(Desiinger was the headliner at this concert)

SN: That’s why I thought the 21 Savage Line Up  was all the way jacked up!!

Anyway the next day after the fight I receive this email…….


Like wtf Rob! I was prepared for this and a little bit excited. I do not fault him cause that would’ve had me mad too!

As I mentioned “he let himself down” cause he is now

kicked off the whole tour!

and I’m just stuck without an interview 😦 , GOOD NEWS IS its no stopping Fiesta and it’s more where that came from! After the chaos I notice Rob Stone deleted all the videos and beef! But he did mention how he’ll see Ski Mask at Rolling Loud! I wont be making it to Rolling Loud cause I’m not that rich yet! But I guess will just have to see where that conversation continues via social media.

Did Rob let himself down or Fiesta? leave comments in comment section lol.


Mardi Gras 2017

Its Nola ! We going live babayy!!

(Do to the fact that this blog post is so late, I’m just going to talk briefly and post pictures in this blog and do two food reviews in another.)

Its no secret that I love travelling and every time I do I get the chance to meet a lot of new people which is my favorite part. It always awakens me to the fact that we live in a world full of many different people with different cultures, food, and even slang.



Ok obviously I’m the fabulous one in the pink! And the rest is the good group of people I met.


I feel that New Orleans is a good place to experience because it has so much culture and history. NOLA is a place for people that like the city but still like the homie and friendly feel from people. The complete opposite of Vegas, New York, or Cali. The streets are filled with people but friendly people. Even if you do not go for Mardi Gras, New Orleans is still the place to visit. Its a PARTY every night! Especially on Bourbon.

I truly enjoyed myself this year, Ill just let the pictures tell the story!