Dallas Observer Music Awards

I am so humble that I got to experience and be apart of the Dallas Observer Music Awards(DOMA)  production this years . It was truly an experience, I got to meet and listen to so many different artist it was amazing and some how eye opening.

Saturday / The Showcase

DOMA got over 100 of Artist, Musicians, & Djs to perform in 1 of the 6 venues Dallas Observer  provided. On Saturday all the artists performed and put on a showcase for that particular venue to which they was assigned . I stage managed at the venue Club Da Da where musicians ands bands like Pearl Earl, Sudie, T.Y.E, Gary Owen, & many more put on a show! The venue I was at had so much talent I can only imagine what was going down at the other venues! I had time to slip into Off The Record and caught Dj Mike B on set and he was jamming ! He made OTR a whole vibe! My day started from 1 pm to 2 a.m so you can imagine when the last set was over , I was over ! It was a long and beautiful day. I admire everyone that came out and showed support.

(It was such a busy day I have no pictures)

Tuesday (The Ceremony)

The Ceremony was held at Canton Hall sister to The Bomb Factory. The Ceremony was held so that the Dallas community could come out and see some of our best artist get  recognize. Throughout the Ceremony  different artists & bands performed, the performances that caught my eye was M3CCA, Medicine Man Revival  & 88Killa. Whom all performed covers of popular Dallas Musician.

The categories & category winners I am going to list is the most important to me so it is important that you check some of these artist out!


Best Album / The Best Country Act: The Texas Gentleman, TX Jelly

Best DJ: Dj Sober

Best Dj Night: Fresh 45

Best EP/ Mixtape: Sudie, Prism

Best Female Vocalist: Sudie

Best Pop Act: Sudie

(She won 3 Awards, Which is no surprise because she is truly amazing !!) 

Best Festival: Homegrown

(I’ve personally never heard of Homegrown, so I was surprised they won because not only have I not heard of the event but  JMBLYA was also in the running & that’s my shit) 

Best Hip Hop / Rap Act: Bobby Sessions

Best Song: Bobby Sessions, Dollar & Sense

Best Producer: Sikwitit

(He produced Dollar & Sense for Bobby Sessions) 

Best Music Video: San Leo, Grenade

Best Venue (Under 500 capacity): Club DaDa

Best Venue (Over 500 capacity): Bomb Factory

( It was a lot of good venues in the running for this but the Bomb Factory is the Bomb so good choice) 

Everybody did an amazing job, I can not wait till next year!


Kid Cudi

Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin Tour

a.k.a a VIBE X1000

It’s no secret that 2016 was a hard year for Kid Cudi but if you are a true fan, you know it is a deeper message behind all of his music and he has always had a hard time far as being accepted and just going through life period.

Let me be the first to tell you that he is back and better than ever! His presence on stage was ecstatic, he kept a smile on his face literally the whole time and I don’t know if it was just me but you could literally feel his happiness and I knew he was in a better place. He came on stage alone, NO ENTOURAGE, and NO DJ so it was easy to focus on just him. The energy he gave us was so rich I could taste it, he danced and the crowd followed. I want to take notice to how Cudi did not come out in a whole Gucci fit with 10 chains on, he had on a red Adidas shirt & some pants, NO FLEX ZONE on a serious level. I mentioned that because Cudi produced his whole album which means all that Money is all his but he shows us he doesn’t need to be iced out to show he really in his bag!



I usually never speak on stage set up but this was one to talk about, so lets talk about it! The set was covered in prop WEED PLANTS! The building was already so fogged out with weed smoke, that it really complemented the set. Throughout the concert there was snow on some scenes and when it was snow it reminded me of smoking and chilling in Colorado (even though I never been to Colorado but I imagine that’s how it would be ).


Merch was high as hell! The end. No seriously I’ve never seen merchandise so high in my life. I planned on getting a hoodie but it was $105 which is outrageous. When I got home I notice a Champions logo on my shirt and it all made sense. We all know when it is designer we are paying for the name.


Yall know Lil Yachty is my favorite performer  and far as concerts I always give him the number but that spot has been changed. This was literally one of the best concerts I have ever been too. Everything was perfect, the song choices was perfect, even though this was for his new album he still showed a lot of  love to his old hits. He even brings King Chip out, who is featured on “Just What I Am”. As I mentioned he is in a much better place and if his body language and vibe didn’t confirm it, right before he performed “The Pursuit of Happiness” he spoke on his pass and how he is in a much better place which really warmed my heart because it really shows. He announced that he will be back sooner than we think and has more music on the way! Which is very exciting to me because its been a long time come and I’m ready!

(when he performed “Surfin” I came alive!) It is very important to remain doing you, create your own wave & ride that motha fucka!




I Honestly don’t have too much to say…

I was so excited to see SZA, herself and Kehlani  are my spirit animals so I was more than ecstatic to see her.


Merch was very simple very SZA, she had solid color T’s with Ctrl printed on them. The shirt I got was the closes to unique, it has a flowers, an avocado, and a candy corn on it…

The concert

The concert was a vibe but it went by sooo quick! It was not much of a dj to hype the crowd but in the same sentence that may be how she likes her sets to be. SZA has a shy spirit about her which is cute but kind of made the show boring. She didn’t play much of her old music which was fine with me because I’m a CTRL album fan but for the old heads I’m sure they would have appreciated it. The concert may have went by quick because it started an hour late and she probably didn’t get to use all of her time, I’m not sure. This is literally all I have to say about this, I would still go to another show I just know what to expect.



Decks In The Park

This past weekend I had the chance to attend Decks In The Park  courtesy of  Dallas Observer. 

Before attending I did a little research and I didn’t find much information  so I didn’t know what to fully expect. The event was located at Kylde Warren Park which was the perfect location for this event because it gave people plenty of room to be free and dance.

Decks In The Park is a sponsored music event we’re more than hundreds of people come out to listen to Dallas Djs such as Big J, Johnny Funk, and more, who all put their own mix on  various genres of music. This event was hosted by Dj Souljah whom  definitely knows how to control the crowd. I was fortunate enough to have VIP Access which allowed me to see how much fun everybody was having. One could tell everybody in the crowd was having a good time!

I have been to many concerts but never to one like this. I can not wait to attend the next one! This is the perfect event for family and friends to attend, I highly recommend not missing the next one !


Teenage Emotions Tour

Lil Yachty, Evander Grimm, & Sailing Team



Lets take notes on how Dallas was the first city Yachty started his tour in and it is simply because we are the best! Let me start by saying every time Lil Yachty comes to Dallas I never miss a show but all the previous shows have been him opening for someone else. The fact this was his first headlining tour, things just really felt different, different in a good way of course.

Evander Grimm Teenage Emotions Tour

Photo Credit: Connor Gibbons

Evander Grimm

Ok SO BOOM! Me being me I got there late and missed Evander Grimm, whom I was really excited to see! (Ill never forgive myself). Me just getting there alone was soo  much drama I literally ran so I wouldn’t miss him but I did! I was sad asf BUT believe me when “X Men”  came on I was all over the place going crazy. I’m defiantly adding a video…

Sailing Team


PERRY– I walked in right when Perry was performing but to be honestly I didn’t even know Perry had his own music and that’s my fault for being sleep.

JBan – Who is one of my favorites, I’m not gone lie I was expecting more from Promise Land. “90’s Babies” is my shit and I feel like the crowd would’ve really vibe out to that one and now that I think about it, it goes with the Teenage Emotions feel. That’s definitely something to think about for future shows.

BYOU–  Your performance and energy was great, I have a new favorite song which is “Ksubis” I’m with that gangsta shit that’s probably why I like it.

Kodie Shane– She is forreal a Rock Star, her presence really wake you up and want to watch her. I loved every song she performed and now I’m really interested into listening to her more.


Photo Credit: Connor Gibbons






(I’m almost positive I missed some of the acts because a girl next to me passed out and her boyfriends was looking at me for help so I literally had to run a mile to find help! More Drama)

I did catch everyone for “All In” which is my all time favorite song! As you can tell..

Lil Boat



Photo Credit: Conner Gibbons


Ugh! If you know me you know Lil Yachty is one of my favorite artist so I’m going to try not to make this as long as it can be. Let me start by saying you’re real asf for remixing and performing one of Dallas’s very own TayK’s song “The Race”, my head almost exploded!

I love the song selections and order he decided to perform them in, artist sometime tend to fuck up in this area. I don’t know if it was only me that notice it but in the middle of performing Lil Yachty called for a break and I think it was because of technical difficulties. The show continued to go on and it was fantastic it was truly a show to remember! He set the tone and had good crowd control for each song he performed, i.e when he performed Bring It Back he had disco lights going on and when he performed Minnesota he made the crowd form mosh pits and rage.

This show was one of the best concerts i’ve attended all summer.


Besides the Kehlani’s merch, LilYachty’s merch was one of the most unique of this summer. I thought it was super clever because Lil Yachtys Favorite food is PIZZA!







Its Gucci

I’ve dreamt of this day every since Trap God! Summer 2013 Trap House 3 changed my life in ways words can’t explain! Call me dramatic but we all connect to artists on spiritual levels, you’ll be lying if you said you don’t. Anyway I always knew Gucci Mane was real but to see him in the flesh really confirmed things for me.

Ok so BOOM!

IMG_2349I arrived at the concert literally between  8-9 pm . I usually don’t get to concerts this  early but I wasn’t to sure how this venues “will call ” worked , so I  just decided to arrive early!   I  go take my dope ass back drop Gucci pic and continue on bout my day may mention IT WAS NO GUCCI MERCH! I could not believe it then again he isn’t on tour he just came for his show in Dallas! Anyway 10 p.m comes around  and opening acts are still performing ” No Biggie”, I said to myself. 11 o’clock comes & now I’m getting worried , usually I’m leaving the concert around 11:30 ! Soon enough I see Gucci Mane’s million dollar smile from a mile away and my life was then complete.

He opened with “Both”  and from there he really only performed most of the songs he is featured in. I mean it’s  Gucci so I vibed out but I was really hoping for some Trap House 3 or Trap God 1 or 2! The only tbt I got was “Bricks” but like I said it was Gucci so I was just blessed to be there ! I was assuming because he isn’t on tour he had free range to perform watever but clearly I thought wrong.


Enter a caption

I was utterly grateful to have witness a live Gucci performance, I just wish I could’ve gotten some merch & most of all some old Gucci!







Future Concert

Lets talk about how the only reason I went to this concert was because Migos was in attendance and I previously missed the Migos tour. I can vibe to Future but im more of a Migos fan! With that being said I missed ALL of the opening acts including MIGOS!!! I was beyond  devastated, the venue location in Houston had a big part of this. The concert was located in The Woodlands which is literally nothing but woods. If you attend a concert at this location I advise you get there an hour early just to find parking.


Future was cool he played all of his old hood shit that  I like & of course some of his new music . The only thing that I could not stand is that he kept ending the songs so quickly! He didn’t even let the songs play half way  through without switching to the next song. I have a friend that attended the Dallas concert and she said the exact same thing. I honestly think it is because he had to appear and perform at the BET Awards that same weekend.  The concert went by so fast  it was over before I knew it. Here’s the recaps!