Very modest Fiesta

Sc: Fiestacray

TBH I completely forgot about this category , Oops!

So this look was very modest to me which I like because usually I feel the cutest when I’m showing a little skin, which may be a bad thing but who cares !


No Love Without Pain

  • shirt- Fovever 21 -$10+
  • Dress/Skirt – GoJane- $11
  • Fishnets – (can be purchased from anywhere)
  • That lip color is “Riri Woo”

I absolutely love my shirt because I have a tattoo that says something similar, ” love is pain is love ” I got it because It didn’t make me feel as dumb about the tattoo  decision. The mustard  velvet “skirt” is actually a dress ! The shirt is obviously a shirt but I made a knot at the bottom so it can appear to look a little crop topish ! Let’s see hummm , I got my shoes long time ago but they’re just black combat boots with a little heel on them. I got the tights from a club I used to work at but I know for a fact you can get fishnets from just about anywhere ! I’m not wearing any jewelry because I’m lame & always forget to put it on !

This look is cool for any occasion if you ask me. I personally wore it to the bar & a gay club after awards but I would also wear it to a graduation or just out to eat or something  the look is  versatile like that !



Maddie & Milan

Starting with a little background on Maddie & Milan. They are two ladies that have collaborated with each other to provide people with the total makeover. Maddie is the makeup artist which means she is in charge of the face. Milan is the stylist, she provides the look and will help you find what looks and suits you best.


Having a chance to work with Maddie & Milan was an experience worth having.
The Remixer was a Networking event to bring people from Dallas that has a trade or talent together to socialize and have a chance to gain connections.
The Remixer was held at A Friends Closet Boutique which was the perfect setting for this event.


Milan. Maddie. Fiesta

Everything was professionally prepared from contour cocktails to personalized cookies & treats.

This event was full of laughs, games, food & most of all good conversation. Being a Host or Co-Host there is always that fear of not knowing if your event is going to do will. But believe me this was one for the books!


To Maddie & Milan

I have seen how you guys work and one thing I will say, being young ladies y’all sure do handle yourself accordingly and professionally. You both know how to talk to people and conduct business in the proper manner. I wish you two the best and will always pray for your growth and journey .

Remember ladies! Stay Gracious, BEST REVENGE IS YOUR PAPER!

Love Fiesta

The Gallery Experience

The Rj Collection

I am proud to say Rj has been my friend for a while now, so I’ve had a chance to watch him grow over the years. I’m going to be honest due to the fact it was his first fashion show I was not expecting much. I was looking forward to the usually runway for the models and that’s it. To my dismay it was far from that, I was truly blown away on how unique and original the show was. Personally knowing Rj the theme fit him perfect.

The Blank Canvas


The show was outside under a moon light setting and modern yard lights. Which was perfect because it was not hot out during this night. The show opened up with professional dancers, the dancers had so much passion upon belief!

Next the models arrived! Most of all the pieces I would personally wear, the pieces had basic colors which gave it a classy but fit sexy look. Rj’s collection is for the grown and sexy. I can see these pieces worn at upscale clubs or casual lunches or dinner.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the show everyone was lead inside to view art , to social & of coarse to take pictures !

To Rj,
I wish you the best and will continue to pray for your journey. I can not wait to see you grow and see what the future has in store for you. Stay positive never forget God and remain humble.



 I’m not cheap but I’m cheap 😁 Don’t get me wrong I like nice things but I won’t pay a lot for it unless I REALLY WANT IT. So with me doing “OUTFIT OF THE DAY” I’m providing you guys with affordable yet up to date looks.

“Camo & Chill”


Shirt- $4 forever21

Pants- $11 Walmart

Shoes- $16.97 Shu Dealz

Clutch- $800-1000 GOYARD

(I really wanted the clutch 😁)

Puff ball Keychain- $6 Rue21

Far as my outfit Overall I spent a total of = $31.97

Madison Cache


 Obviously I wanted this shirt because all the celebrities wear// have it!  So when I found it I just had to have it . This shirt is perfect for winter, spring, or summer !! I wore it on a summer night and I wasn’t hot at all. This is a body suit and believe it or not it was actually comfortable ! I paired it with black jeans but I feel it will be cute paired with a skirt or high waisted shorts. The shirt is sexy yet not too reveling. Which makes it perfect for a night on the town or dinner with your man!

This shirt can be purchased from

Ig @ madisoncache

Maddie and Milan

Laced Up!

Day or Night ! This looks has you covered for either or.
Let’s all take note on the hair accessory!! It gave me a modern day 70s or 80s feel but still up to date. The outfit is very chic and edgy so if you want a look like this you have to be daring ! 😈 Which the model provided !


Lace top $27 @ Love Culture
Eseereixor denim chain shorts $110
Denim heels $6.97 @ Shu deal
Clutch $12 @ Sam moon

Maddie and Milan

Denim & Blues

Need something to wear to a day party?! This fit has you covered, the denim skirt has such a twist to it you will not go unnoticed !
The hair was my favorite part! I have never seen a bun or top knot like it before which brought a different look overall.

Guns N Roses Tee $17.50 @ Rue 21
Eseereixor Ragged Denim Skirt $150
Fringe Heels $6.97 @ Shu Deal
Accessories $20 @ Sam Moon

(all serves are located in Dallas or Houston)

ig @ maddiaandmilan