Rise & Shine

Can we have a  minute to look at this view…


This was taken on the patio of the  restaurant



Now this place will make you get up at 6 in the morning and make you “Rise & Shine” frfr!

  • I  had biscuits and gravy
  • sister had pancakes
  • brother had CHICKEN & Waffles

When I say EVERYTHING was good! Literally EVERYTHING was good!

The chicken had the perfect crunch, the pancakes taste just like fall & christimas, and the biscuit taste just like big mama made them ! I AINT LYING !


Biscuit & Gravy

This place is located in Las Vegas off Flamingo


Secret Pizza

 (Look for hints thru out the context😈)

We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ! But this is just something I had to bring back !!


Click on Picture 

This place is really a SECRET/ whole in the wall! To get to this pizza place you have to already know the location! When you get to the location you have to ask an employee for directions!  Y’all know I LOVE PIZZA , so it took me no time to find the location!!

sn: feta on pizza is A1

Bodacious BBQ

imageYou already know your girl had to get the 3 meats!



The 3 meat combo gives you the choice to choose  between any 3 meats ! I chose ribs, chicken &  sausage . The ribs where the best!



(I thought this was cool, I’ve never seen this flavor before)


From my knowledge Bodacious is mainly based in East Texas which includes towns: Marshall , Longview & Tyler. There may be more you would just have to check !