El Bolero

Did someone say Lobster Fajitas ūüĆ∂

Ive been on a lobster kick for a couple of weeks now so when I ran into this dish it was nothing but perfect! I’ve heard of Lobster Rolls or lobster pizza but NEVER¬†Lobster Fajitas.¬†I came across El Bolero when reading a blog titled¬†Top 10 Meals you have to try in Dallas.¬†Soon as I scrolled pasted Lobster Fajitas I knew it was something I had to try!



Before going to El Bolero I did more research & found out that on Fridays it is Lobster Friday & Lobster Fajitas are half off which means they are $15 usually $30 BUT WELL WORTH IT, plus it’s Lobster. ūüėÖ


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Ok I know y’all are wondering how it taste! Let me just say IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAD IN A MINUTE! I’m still thinking about it, I mean seriously! Everything was great, the vibe was cool, the ¬†restaurant ¬†was clean, which made the visit so much better!

Im definitely going back, no doubt!

El Bolero is located in the Design District of Dallas.


La Calle Doce

If you don’t know Oak Cliff holds some of the best restaurants. La Calle Doce is located in the Bishop Arts District which is a sight to see within its self.

La Calle Doce is a Mexican restaurant with a seafood twist. Walking in I had no idea what  I would eat due to the fact Mexican food and seafood is a weird mix. While looking over the menu I came across the California Tacos. The California Tacos consist of: shrimp, Spanish style coleslaw, chipotle ranch, a slice of avocado, rice and black bean relish as a side.


Unfortunately these tacos were not as good as I¬†expected, but on the other hand I¬†tasted some of my sister’s snapper fish and it was so delicious with plenty of flavor.

I will recommend this restaurant just to get a new experience and location in Dallas other than going downtown .


Happy Hour



The picture does not do the food justice! Chuys is my favorite happy hour so far this summer!! You have to purchase an ¬†item ¬†“$8 or more” (some waiters just let you purchase a drink) & then you are ¬†welcome to thier full NACHO CAR! The modeled car includes of; meat, quaso dip, beans, & salsa! So YUMMY! I can’t forget my margarita that’s only $5!

Happy Hour

4-7 //Mon-Fri

Jalape√Īo Tree

Arriba! Arriba!

“Crazy Good Mexican Food”

Is excatly what it isūüėäūüéČ


My YUMMY strawberry mango margarita was ok! But not better than Chillis !!

Sn:I’m not big on margaritas!


I didn’t know what I wanted to eat so I just got Fajitas! The meat was good to perfection & those tortillas taste like Abuela cooked them herself, very lite & fluffy, them suckers where so good!

imageSo glad I got this pic before my boyfriend murdered his Fajita Burrito! By the way he left his plate I’m assuming it was really good!!

¬†Jalape√Īo Tree is mainly located on the East Texas side and their is on in Witcha Falls!

So if you are in East Texas I recommend you try this place !