Straighten w/NO HEAT!

This is my hair before I straighten it . As you can tell  it is a little worn out and slightly damage.



So this is synthetic hair, I can not put a lot of heat on the hair because it will damage it completely. The simple trick to straightening synthetic hair is “HOT WATER”!!! Who would’ve thought ! I literally took a pot of boiling hot water, put it on my wig hair, & let it dry.

imageThe finished product still had waves in it but for the most part it got straight due to the fact I did not use a flat iron.



Affordable Wig! Less than 20$ 20$

“Jewelry” by Outré

Everybody meet Jewelry ! My new synthetic half wig by Outré. & believe it or not it  was less than $20!!! I got this wig in color 1 & it is a half wig, so the pictures you will be seeing some of my real hair out!

…I will make another blog on how I styled this wig  for now this is how the wig looks off my head which looks very wiggy  but stay tuned !