The car has my name on it!

I originally wanted to go to Mattito’s for Brunch or Happy Hr but I had another doctors appointment which started at 10 a.m. & had me out by lunch time. I stopped by because it was close and my sister & I was craving Mexican food!


Rumba Rita (Ignore the snapchat txt)

I got their infamous Rumba Rita cocktail for my drink. The limit was two so I’m guessing it’s a strong drink. It was good but didn’t taste that strong. Maybe it’s a sneak up drink.


I ordered off the lunch menu, which luckily
had fajitas on it! I got beef fajitas and believe me they were seasoned to perfection ! Omg sooo good! The meat was not dried  out or anything!

I’m definitely going back for brunch or happy hr!


Happy Hour



The picture does not do the food justice! Chuys is my favorite happy hour so far this summer!! You have to purchase an  item  “$8 or more” (some waiters just let you purchase a drink) & then you are  welcome to thier full NACHO CAR! The modeled car includes of; meat, quaso dip, beans, & salsa! So YUMMY! I can’t forget my margarita that’s only $5!

Happy Hour

4-7 //Mon-Fri

Jalapeño Tree

Arriba! Arriba!

“Crazy Good Mexican Food”

Is excatly what it is😊🎉


My YUMMY strawberry mango margarita was ok! But not better than Chillis !!

Sn:I’m not big on margaritas!


I didn’t know what I wanted to eat so I just got Fajitas! The meat was good to perfection & those tortillas taste like Abuela cooked them herself, very lite & fluffy, them suckers where so good!

imageSo glad I got this pic before my boyfriend murdered his Fajita Burrito! By the way he left his plate I’m assuming it was really good!!

 Jalapeño Tree is mainly located on the East Texas side and their is on in Witcha Falls!

So if you are in East Texas I recommend you try this place !