MyBlu Dallas


Ever been at the bar and saw someone smoking something from a cool device ? 10/10 it was a BluCig , this week I got to experience first hand how cool BluCig really is! This little device gives you the same feel as a cigarette but very much lighter , I personally will compare it to hookah & I will definitely recommend it if you’re trying to gradually step away from cigarettes! 

The BluCig event was hosted by JMulan whom bought together some of Dallas influential people. The event was held at Saint Rocco’s New York Italian restaurant which gave the best over view of Dallas’s award winning skyline . The event was well put together and came with a lot of BluCig goodies ! 

With that being said I need Dallas to prepare for this BluCig wave that is about to hit Dallas . Blu is looking to expand its Market to the Dallas and surrounding areas so be on the look out for this amazing new product ! You’ll be able to find this product at music festivals to you local showcase or any Dallas event , so keep your eyes peeled for the BluCig!

BLUCIG VAPE & Refills 



{Ryan & Friends Social Media Workshop}

Over the past weekend I got to experience and attend a Ryan White event. Ryan is a Dallas native, creator, and also happens to be one of my favorite people. If you know me you know I love the idea of bringing people together. Sometimes we forget that unity and love brings people together so I really appreciate Ryan for hosting and directing this event.

The IQ HAUS Studio was full of some of Dallas’s most influential people from Bloggers, Models, Stylist, to Creative Directors. Which was such a beautiful sight to see all of these people coming together to network and step out of our online social media comfort zone, because we all know when we receive a DM saying, “lets link up” 8/10 that doesn’t happen. Not because we dont want to but because its something about face to face networking interaction that is so much better. 

The discussion panel consist of:

Ryan White himself 


Jazzi Black


Moses The Mogul


Dj 4.0




Taylor Fisher


Bria Charlise


The While attending The Workshop I got to hear different trial and tribulations that hit very close to home exspecially being a young entrepreneur myself. This lovely panel reminded me that it is ok to be human ! Everyone goes through a rough patch that we can not figure out sometimes. They reminded me that being consistent is the most important thing that one can do while trying to fulfill your dreams and be an entrepreneur! 

A special thank you to Ryan for throwing this event and thank you to the panel of speakers that spoke! Good luck to anyone that is trying to be anything they want to be! The world is yours and , “You Are You’re Only Limit”.

Debut of Night Life


Muddyboy Tony

Muddyboy Tony is a 25 yrs young, Dallas, Texas native, who started his musical journey  at a young age or should I say the music has always been with in him his entire life! While speaking to Muddyboy Tony I was curious to know how he got his name and if you are to, he received the name “Muddyboy Tony” while playing football. While growing up he always knew he had a musical talent which consist of a passion for rap but prefers R&B. Muddyboy Tony really started getting serious in 2016 when he dropped “The Mudd Print Two” after having already released “The Mudd Print” I guess you can call it his come back. May I mention he writes all of his own music which is really key to creativity if you ask me!



Night Life

Today we are debuting his new single Night Life, that started on a 5 song  EP titled “Mannish”. While listing to “Mannish” it is no secrete that Muddyboy Tony was defiantly stepping into his R&B bag. Unlike the old school R&B music Muddyboy isn’t asking, he is telling. He refers to his music as, “H&P, Hood and Poems” which I can definitely see becoming a new wave! The message behind Night Life was to inform “his lady” that “she wasn’t going out tonight, its time to lay up and be together, there is no need to go out when you got a man at home.” Muddyboy writes music from his experience but also writes music for people to relate to and I can definitely relate to wanting to stay home and be boo’d up.

Budgeting Tips

Like any entrepreneur at times it can become hard to save or budget for our passions on top of having to pay for whatever life deals at us. Muddyboy Tony suggest getting all you passion work done in one setting so that you are not paying for multiple studio sessions, find connections so people can cut deals, and set aside any money that you may need from your 9-5.


If you would like to listen to Night Life you’re lucky because the song streams on ALL PLATFORMS! If you crave more you can stream  “Mannish” via SoundCloud but why wait?

Check out Night Life right here right now On ItsFiestaTeaV!


Barton G.




Barton G is top 5 one of the most interesting and unique restaurants I have ever been to. To be a high end restaurant the menu is very diverse and the menu options are not hard to pronounce and you actually know what your food is when it arrives to the table. Some may say that Barton G is an expensive restaurant but I think that it is worth the money especially with all the bells and whistles !

I have been to restaurants where the atmosphere was fun but the food was horrible so I am excited when I get to experience both.  The menu had so many yummy options that it was hard to choose but I decided to indulge the:

Bucket of Bones-  12 hour baby back ribs, beef ribs, lamb lollipops, chicken drumettes, kettle chips & honey gorgonzola dip – $25



Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp – Crispy laughing bird shrimp, old bay spiced popcorn, Sriracha aioli and sweet chile sesame dipping sauces – $22



Marie Antoinette’s Head – Let Them Eat Cake – A towering cotton candy pompadour, yesteryear candies, and a Bananas Foster “shake”. Vanilla panna cotta, gianduja brownie, caramelized banana cream & Chantilly GF* -$29


Bucket of Bones –  The meat was falling off the bone which is always a plus . The bbq sauce was the perfect combination between sweet and tangy. I could definitely do without the chips and maybe had fries instead.

Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp – The display was so cute and creative Barton G takes popcorn shrimp to another level. The shrimp was tasty but I think what really gave it a kick was the sriracha sauce. The added popcorn even had its on flavor too.

Marie Antoinette’s Head – Let Them Eat Cake-  Not even 3 people could finish this cotton candy head so it eventually became a photo prop. The shake was light and delightful but I am not a huge banana fan.

I am really considering having my birthday dinner at Barton’s this year! That’s how willing and ready I am to go back !



Out Of State Lunch Date Ep. 2

Seafood Lady

Louisville, Kentucky




This past weekend my best friend and I decided to have lunch in good ole Louisville , Kentucky . If you have been following this new journey of mine you would know that I recently took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to visit and have lunch at Hattie Marie’s Bbq . Next thing you know my friend is calling me up to make this thing happen again but in a different state. We both decided that we wanted to try the Seafood Lady located in Louisville, Kentucky. So we made plans, made arrangements and headed there. Believe me it was not the easiest trip far as getting there but it was well worth it. We endured a lot of lay over flights which wasn’t the worst thing but like I said it was worth it and ill defiantly do it again.

I found myself craving Seafood Lady before even trying it because the unique twist of seafood items I see on her Instagram page. I personally first encountered Seafood Lady on Facebook from watching a clip of Guy Fieri’s show on Food Network . The only thing I saw her make was the Lobster Waffle and I was sold, that is honestly all I needed to see!


My friend and I had the idea to order a lot of food, split it all, and still have some to take back home and we did exactly that.

We ordered:


Lobster and Waffles $28.99

Chee- Sea Fry $10.99

Crab Cakes (2) $12.99

add on Catfish $7.50

add on Hushpuppies $2.99

Drink $1.75

TOTAL = $69.12  Each Paid $34.56


Lobster and Waffles – Was my absolute favorite ! I have no clue if the waffle its self was Cajun but it really have a unique Cajun bite to the flavor . The lobster was fried to perfection and still had the perfect amount of tenderness and that thang was juicy! The entrée also came with 6 jumbo fried shrimp which was a plus because we wanted shrimp ! The whole dish was a win win , 10 out of 10 type vibe!



Chee- Sea Fry- Has to be one of the cutest names for “cheese fries” I ever saw.  The fries were loaded with cheese, crab meet, and a Cajun seasoning. I am not exactly sure what kind of cheese it was but it was very complementing. I really enjoyed this dish because adding seafood to anything cheese related can be a bit questionable if you ask me but it tasted beyond better than I expected. The thought of that gooey cheese melting in my mouth is still giving me chills.



Crab Cakes- The crab cakes were good but dont get me wrong they were not the best I’ve ever had. My friend did not like them at all but to me they were not that bad I guess I would prefer it on a garden salad with a light vinaigrette dressing to drown out some of the herb taste I was receiving from the crab cake.




Catfish- When it comes to the fish it really depend on what you like. I personally like my fish fried hard I am from the south so I dont know if that has anything to do with it but my friend agreed. The flavor was there but I could barely tell because of the softness from the fish which is not a problem some people just like their fish cooked a certain way and I am one of them. I am not apposed to ordering the fish again , next time I will just make a request to fry it longer.



Luckily this time I did not have to pay for a flight I flew on a budE1F5B7FE-1E83-4B4E-BAA8-9E0D72C12607dy pass  but the cheapest I have seen via Google Flights is $200 which is quite a bit but you do what you want when you popping. We decided to stay for one night because this trip did not include a day activity. The hotel was $88 so we each payed $44 , I believed we only used Lyft a total of 3 times which was less than $10 a ride. So at the end of the day I spent a $93.56- $100 which was in the same price range as my trip to Atlanta.




I seriously can not wait to go back to Seafood Lady next time I visit Kentucky that restaurant is defiantly my first stop!




Out Of State Lunch Date Ep. 1

Hattie Marie’s Bbq




I have come to terms that life is full of expereinces that only yourself can create and we should live every moment as if it was our last. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a trip to a different state for lunch. A lot of people thought it was the craziest thing but once I explained to them what I am going to explain to you, it will all make sense!

Let’s start with how I am obsessed with checking flight prices;I do not know why, I just am. Google flights is my favorite sources to check flights on, I was thinking of places I never been and obviously I had food on my mind as well. According to my Instagram feed ;Atlanta, Georgia holds some of the yummiest food. When I looked up flights a round trip to the ATL was only in the hundreds, $103 to be exact so I went a head and booked! Before you think that is too much ;do the math, personally I can spend $100 on myself in a weekend so why not use that money to travel to a different state!28394DF0-D51E-4C04-BD5B-88CFF4978D5E

Once my flight was booked I decided to go pick my spot for lunch but I didn’t have to look for long, I have had my eye on Hattie Marie’s Bbq and Cajun Seafood restaurant for a minute now, so that was the one! If I was going for a full day why not throw a day activity in there as we’ll! So I decided to go to the museum of Cocoa Cola. I presented this idea to my sister and she was more than down to tag along!



Hattie Marie’s was more than good!! We ordered: ribs, sausage, fried shrimp, greens, & Mac and cheese. The ribs were falling off the the bone, the shrimp was so tender and delicious  (I got some more to go). Because we got so much food we were able to split the meal and the tab. Next we headed to our day activity at the museum where we learned a lot of fun facts about Coke and got to try different cokes from all over the world! We still had some time left so we decided to take the travel tip from our Lyft driver. We were told that if you go to the W Hotel off Peachtree and go to the top floor of the hotel you will be able to see all of Atlanta so we did exactly that! A Bonus was that it was free, in Chicago at Willis Tower you have to at least pay $60 for the exact same thing !


On this whole trip I spent $140 including the flight, food, lyft, and souvenirs which is not bad at all!

Live you best life! Take that trip!

My best life includes food, what about you?
Im headed to Kentucky next, where else should I go? What other restaurants should I go to?!

“You can get back Money but time you can not! Take that trip”



Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B

Album Review


Fiesta 4/19/18

I am sure I am not the only one that thought Cardi B would be a one hit wonder! We always loved her for her out going and crazy personality but we would soon to fin out that she is way more than that. Over the last couple of months we have truly seen Cardi transform and grow into the “Trap Selena” a true legend.

After dropping this album Cardi shortly after Cardi B announces that she is pregnant with a Baby B and Off Set( a member of the rap group Migos) is the baby daddy. Rewinding a couple weeks back, Off Set was allegedly caught cheating TWICE. The fact that she had pressure of producing new music, pregnant, rumors of her baby father, and the media constantly judging her. I’m going to say she did beyond an amazing job.

This may be my personal opinion but I truly believe she made this album for ALL MY BOSS BITCHES and INDEPENDENT Women out here grinding. She literally including Kehlani and SZA on this album and if you listen to their music that proves my point on what kind of album this is. I may sound bias but I literally love the whole album (every song  but one) and it will defiantly be in rotation this summer. With that being said I’m going to get right into it and start with the album from start to finish!


Get Up 10

Soon as I heard this song I instantly thought of the song  “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill . It gave me that raw and hard vibe, it gave me ambition! I honestly thought she was gone drop / switch to a more up tempo beat mid song how Meek did but it never happened which was find because the whole song still went hard. You really have to remember in life it is always going to be down falls be that is the perfect opportunity to come back 10x harder and stronger.

Drip (ft. Migos)

I hate how this song is already mainstream and the radio stations are playing out but that’s what happens when you have a banger on your hands! She featured her boo and soon to be brother in-laws in this song so you know it automatically bangs because the Migos can do no wrong. I haven’t been to the club lately but I can definitely see this being a club hit if it is already not.


This is the “BUT ONE” lol real simple, I don’t like this one because she mentions, “pop that pussy in church”. I’m not trying to troll or be negative just personally that’s too much for me.

Be Careful

Yes I love sweet and sensitive Cardi ! Us as females we love to talk shit but are feelings are still delicate when it comes to being in love especially if we really love you. With that being said; to my fellas if you have a good girl please do not miss that up. Because “Karma for you is who you end up with”.

Best Life (ft. Chance the Rapper)

With every year comes new trends and new phrases to say. In 2018 we’ve been hearing and making it a goal/responsibility to “Live our best life”. I like this song not only because I like Chance but because when you put Chance in the mix you already know it is going to be an uplifting song. If you are the kind of person that needs a pick me up song on the way to work, this is definitely one for the road.

I like It (Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin)

This is my top 5 favorite I was for sure served Trap Selena vibes. I did not Bad Bunny and I barely know what he is saying but I love it! This song is so catchy and you cant help but dance when you hear it.

Ring (ft. Kehlani)

“I know he see me calling him”

*20 calls later

Naw but forreal we don’t care how mad we get or how bad the argument was, we still want yall to call and pick up the phone as petty as it sounds. When calls and txt stop being replied too it just feels to real that the relationship is over. So fellas keep that in mind, Yes you still need to call.

Money Bag

Tis the season to get a bag aka every day all day all year round. If you not in you bag with everything you do then what are you doing? Need some inspiration Listen to this one.

She Bad (Cardi B & YG)

Thru Your Phone

I really hate that she did not mention the girl that was signing on this song because her verse is actually my favorite part! I am not scared to admit but I am guilty for going through a couple of phones in my past but who cares we all do it even if you admit it or not I know you do booboo. I love this song because it venerable and it stating facts; that if we go thru that phone and see something we don’t like you are definitely going to feel the raff.

I Do (ft. SZA)

I live for SZA and I live for CTRL the FUTURE IS FEMALE and if you don’t know now you know. We need yall to understand we gone do what we want and how we want and I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANY DOUBLE STANDARDS. If a female is already doing A-Z for herself it is nothing you can really tell her.