ItsFiestaTeaV “One Take” SXSW Edition

For those who do not know SXSW is one of the biggest music events in Texas held in Austin, Texas. People come from all over the world to participate, even if it’s just to check out new talent or to showcase their own talent. This was not my first year at SXSW but this year I made my presence known. My first year I had no clue what I was doing I was literally just a  pedestrian walking up and down back and forth on 6th Street.

One Take

This year I wanted to actually participate, so I decided to give upcoming artist the opportunity to shed some light through my platform. All in “One Take” on sight I let them tell a little bit about theirselves. I also got to speak with some SXSW party goers! I wish I could’ve interviewed way more people but enjoy what I have !


1a.m Bounce/ Live

 1a.m Bounce & Live is two of the craziest showcases I have been to! This showcase was hosted by YesJulz/ 1a.m Radio. I love the fact that this platform gives people the opportunity to showcase their talent with our having to go through major record labels. I personally myself got to hear a lot of people I have never even heard of before and now I love ! Check out this recap video & SN: she will be in Dallas which is my hometown so if you’re from Dallas be sure to come out!


Women’s History Month Luncheon

DeDe’s Women’s History Month Luncheon

Earlier this month I had the chance of attending DeDe’s Women’s luncheon. DeDe McGuire is one of the biggest radio personalities in Dallas, Texas. She has done so much for the city that her coordinating this luncheon for women was no surprise.

The luncheon held so many beautiful and  powerful women that it was nothing but vibrant energy flowing through the room one could feel it on their skin causing goosebumps. All the ladies were so different and successful in their own way. Women from Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts,  The Mavericks Office DJ “Dj Poizen Ivy, To the most creditable lawyer in Dallas “Amy Witherite” and of course many more.

The menu choice was nothing extraordinary but just right for this occasion & happen to be some of my favorite foods. We started with an ice berg salad topped with blue cheese crumbles, bacon, red onions, & ranch which happens to be my favorite combo. Then we had a chicken breast on top of mash potatoes and mini carrot sticks topped with a lemon butter gravy. Of course the best was for last which was dessert, for dessert bread pudding was served and when I say it was so good, I think about it till this day!

A couple of weeks before the luncheon I was introduced to some of Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube videos so I was more than ecstatic to be blessed her words in person. She is such an inspiration and her words are so moving she brings me to tears every time!


I can not wait until next year because I will definitely be in attendance!



ItsFiestaTeav Production: The Giving Back Edition

This project was very near and dear to my heart because I love helping other people! I love doing things for my family and friends and to do something for those in need is just more rewarding and makes me happy. Last year I did a project called Code Red , which was nothing compared to this years production!

This year I partnered with Austin Street Homeless Shelter located in my home city Dallas, Tx. The goal was to make between 200-300 care-packages and I exceeded that goal and was able to make over 300 care-packages. I asked for family and friends to donate snacks and bottles of water, for those who were not able to meet me or just wanted to donate money, I set up a GoFund Me that received $300!

The video of production day captures a little of how the day went. If you take a look at Code Red, it was no where as close as being big as The Giving Back Edition. Which excites me because I know next years production is going to be way bigger.

Sonny Digital

The Rolling Grams Tour

I’ve been to a Sonny Digital concert before when Sonny was opening for Gucci Mane in Dallas this past summer. During this time he was performing hits that he produced, which one can imagine that was a lot of songs. This go around Sonny was set to perform his hit songs that he produced & rapped on. I personally never knew Sonny Digital had this rapping talent but doing the interview he expressed that, “he has been doing this way before producing .” That’s why I feel this interview is so important because I know a lot of people are   not knowledgeable of this. Lucky for me I follow Sonny on twitter so I’ve been able to follow him and his new emerging music over the past couple of months. The Dallas concert was held at The House of Blues at one of there nice size venues, not too big not too small, just the right size to have personable interactions with fans.

During the interview we discussed: How easy Producing came to him, How support in the industry basically sucks, The beat is the foundation of a song, & much more. If you listen to the end Sonny releases the date for his upcoming project!

-Press Play-

(This interview is Audio only Ft cool pics)


Sonny Digital was so opening & chill that it made the interview go so smooth. His confidence and persona makes me so eager to see what he has in store for us in 2018. As he says in the interview he , “is going to be around forever.” I truly believe that because at such a young age he has so much credibility. We’ve seen what he is capable of and just from this one conversation with him I know it’s more to come.

Dallas Observer Music Awards

I am so humble that I got to experience and be apart of the Dallas Observer Music Awards(DOMA)  production this years . It was truly an experience, I got to meet and listen to so many different artist it was amazing and some how eye opening.

Saturday / The Showcase

DOMA got over 100 of Artist, Musicians, & Djs to perform in 1 of the 6 venues Dallas Observer  provided. On Saturday all the artists performed and put on a showcase for that particular venue to which they was assigned . I stage managed at the venue Club Da Da where musicians ands bands like Pearl Earl, Sudie, T.Y.E, Gary Owen, & many more put on a show! The venue I was at had so much talent I can only imagine what was going down at the other venues! I had time to slip into Off The Record and caught Dj Mike B on set and he was jamming ! He made OTR a whole vibe! My day started from 1 pm to 2 a.m so you can imagine when the last set was over , I was over ! It was a long and beautiful day. I admire everyone that came out and showed support.

(It was such a busy day I have no pictures)

Tuesday (The Ceremony)

The Ceremony was held at Canton Hall sister to The Bomb Factory. The Ceremony was held so that the Dallas community could come out and see some of our best artist get  recognize. Throughout the Ceremony  different artists & bands performed, the performances that caught my eye was M3CCA, Medicine Man Revival  & 88Killa. Whom all performed covers of popular Dallas Musician.

The categories & category winners I am going to list is the most important to me so it is important that you check some of these artist out!


Best Album / The Best Country Act: The Texas Gentleman, TX Jelly

Best DJ: Dj Sober

Best Dj Night: Fresh 45

Best EP/ Mixtape: Sudie, Prism

Best Female Vocalist: Sudie

Best Pop Act: Sudie

(She won 3 Awards, Which is no surprise because she is truly amazing !!) 

Best Festival: Homegrown

(I’ve personally never heard of Homegrown, so I was surprised they won because not only have I not heard of the event but  JMBLYA was also in the running & that’s my shit) 

Best Hip Hop / Rap Act: Bobby Sessions

Best Song: Bobby Sessions, Dollar & Sense

Best Producer: Sikwitit

(He produced Dollar & Sense for Bobby Sessions) 

Best Music Video: San Leo, Grenade

Best Venue (Under 500 capacity): Club DaDa

Best Venue (Over 500 capacity): Bomb Factory

( It was a lot of good venues in the running for this but the Bomb Factory is the Bomb so good choice) 

Everybody did an amazing job, I can not wait till next year!

Fiesta Production, Giving Back Edition

A Fiesta Production, Giving Back Edition

To Family & Friends
This is a Fiesta Production! It’s that time of the year again , last year I collected donations from individuals to give back to the less fortunate. It turned out to be such a team effort & good turn out that I would like do it again . Over hundreds of donations were received and passed out last year, so it has to be bigger and better this year !
This time I want to collect snacks, water, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toiletries ect. Any donation is appreciated, but the ones listed above has been noted to be important!
I will be collecting donations now-Dec 28. I will assemble the donations on the 28th so that they are ready for delivery on the 29th. If you would like to meet up just contact me or you can drop off the items at Starr Abamu’s (Sisters) house.
Everyone is welcome to join the pass out process we can even grab lunch afterwards!
“A life lived for others, is the only life worth living”

No Jumper x Lil Yachty




+ Fiesta’s Unasked for Opinions =

(This isn’t college ! I legit got all my info from Adam22 “NoJumper” interview featuring Lil Yachty, I fw the interview so much I had to speak on it)

We all know I am a Lil Yachty fan, maybe one of the biggest! I mean I been there from jump, I’ve said this plenty of times in previous blog post. I have been fiend for an interview like this and I couldn’t be more lit that I finally got my fix! This interview literally answers all my life questions (boost) but Yachty related, YES! Man… I don’t know where to start but lets get into it!


Photo: No jumper


Sound Cloud Artist

I heard my first Lil Yachty song on Sound Cloud so I guess it is safe to say he started as a “Sound Cloud Rapper” but as mentioned in the interview he was not boxed in that category for long. Adam22 and Yachty speaks on how when he was on sound cloud the beats was harder and the music was raw and I couldn’t agree more but we’ll speak on that more when we get into the “Mainstream” topic. When I first started listening to Yachty the music didn’t make sense but I liked it, it was different and I was here for it. After the Freshman Class XXL 2016 emerged from Sound Cloud the music has not been the same in my opinion but after the interview Yachty seems to agree. The Sound Clod music scene is becoming weird but not in a good way Yachty took the words out of my mouth when he said, “Ni**as be doing weird shit for attention”. Don’t get me wrong I still turn to Sound Cloud in hope of running into some of my favorite artist throw aways or just to listen to some of my upcoming friends but for the most part these Sound Cloud Artist is becoming a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I cant relate to. Yachty admits that when he was on Sound Cloud it was easier for him to grab better beats and the beats was actually better and I can see that. Now he feels like he has to reach out to bigger producers like Metro Boomin because the others are harder to reach due to his status.


Let me start by staying one of my pet peeves is when I’m talking about lil Yachty and a mf is so oblivious to were I have to start signing “I SPY” or “Broccoli” and then they get it! I knew the day would come when Yachty had to go mainstream but because I’m loyal I was ready for it and I supported it. Yachty mentions how he had to get to the money in many different ways rather it being going mainstream and making an album for mainstream fans or hopping a Target endorsement. In this interview Yachty is smarter than we think, he understands he had to elevate in every aspect. If you are a real fan you know that Lil Boat and Lost Files sound completely different from Teenage Emotions. When you watch the Interview Yachty explains why. In my opinion her put the main in mainstream but he still wow’d us by putting his unique twist on things by relating to all different kinds of “teenage emotions” its genius !

Lil Boat 2 ON THE WAY!

Man Oh Man! When Yachty kept mentioning how Lil Boat 2 is on the way I almost fell to the flow, I mean seriously. Now we can get that radio sh!t out the way and get to the real deal, that raging sh!t ! I do not believe if he set date but I will surely be on the look out!


@Adam22 did an amazing job covering old and new beef, upcoming projects, and really just picking Yachty’s brain. I didn’t cover even half so you defiantly have to check out the interview. CHECK THIS INTERVIEW OUT!